Google+ vs Facebook

Recently I switched from Facebook to Google+ and here are a few of my reasons...

Facebook was becoming boring, reason being that the friends list on facebook was almost family and close friends and not more due to privacy concerns. (at that time, cause due to google+ facebook has now implemented many new features like following or subscribing to people and its funny that most of the new features seem to be "inspired" by Google+)

I was tired of same posts and most importantly cat videos. Don't get me wrong I love cats but seriously would I spend hours on the internet looking at cats. Ok there were a few other videos as well but you get my drift, I really felt there was no Engagement no exchange of ideas and no increase in knowledge.

Most people say that they don't come to the internet to increase their knowledge they come here to be entertained. As for me Social Means what it means, social ... so I was getting kinda bored with Facebook and started to drift towards twitter...

The good thing about twitter is that its real time and also there are loads of real interesting people using it, who want to share real valuable information to the world. The down side, its not easy to keep up with (if your following a lot of people) and even harder to maintain decent conversation and find something which you thought was important a few minites ago.

Enter Google+ which has the best of both worlds. The whole concept of circles struck a cord with me. Its not that its a radical and new thing but its the way it is implemented is easy and non intrusive in what you want to do. Facebook has its list and all the dodads ... but it dosest have the content ... let me show you...

Facebook vs Google+
I dont know, to me, facebook posts & updates look dull and lack any real value. I know this is due to the people I follow there but still the kinds of people you can find and follow and interact with on G+ is unparalleled and I know that G+ has very little user base as compared to Facebook and thats the very reason of the quality content we get on G+ cause as you know everybody's on Facebook but the real good ones are on G+ and now that G+ has been opened to the public that content will surely increase.

There are other reason that one might consider moving to G+ one being that if you'r already using other google services like Gmail or Apps or blogger it's inevitable that all of these services will have integration with G+

The other reason is Hangouts and now that Hangouts has gone mobile with android and iOS soon its a whole new world to interact with and the coolest thing is that u can broadcast your Hangout to the world. The possibilities are endless.

I am also loving the search capabilities that were just added, which makes finding content and even entertainment, a breeze.

I know that it all boils down to personal choice, some are totally comfortable with how Facebook is and some like me, want something better, for me google plus is way better in many ways, remember its only a few months old and it's going places at warp speed.

Google plus is about privacy and how you want to interact with the world on a multilevel and how you want specific information to be shard with certain people done in the easiest way possible.

Have you tried Google+ yet ? What do you think will it survive the epic social network wars?

Update: For new comers and for those who want to join here are some helpful links

15 Tips for Newbies

Update 2: Google+ now has Circle Sharing feature... I absolutely love it. Its like following other people's lists in twitter but only better I have found so many great people. 


Sai Niz said…
Just wanted to clear it: it's not ur FB friends...facebook IS boring..however you put it, whatever changes it makes, twitter or no twitter, G+ or not,FB lost its charm long back. Starting with people taking offense on petty things ..with every update of facebook, there is an article that says it took the idea from twitter/gplus.. maybe FB should do what HP did: take an entirely different route to see positive results.
Cybegeek said…
your right ... still i would like my fb friends to atleast try google plus :)
BushraS said…
I've been over the fb fad for a while now. But i havent warmed to G+ yet. I love its easy to understand privacy settings, but right now it's blah.
Also it doesn't matter who you 'follow' like you put it, on G plus. Adding ppl to your circle meansyou share with them. It's the exact opposite of twitter.
Cybegeek said…
yes you share with them but if there not following you it wont mess up their timeline like @ messages do and you get all of what they have shared publicly which is exactly like twitter only better :)

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