The greatest tragedy of the information age

You just sit there, numb, aware of injustice, of persecution, of tyranny around the world but you can't actually do anything about it. Yes, you show your condemnation and Change your DPs on your social media but whats next? Social media has made us insensitive; we struggle with this every moment.

Look at any social media timeline, you see selective outrage, selective apathy, and then, it's gone, trivializing real issues. Our minds cope with all of it by forgetting sooner than it should, even the horrifying images of genocide in Palestine are beginning to fade from people's memories, forgetting, the moment its out of sight.

This is the greatest tragedy of this age. We are all the culprits and the victims of this at the same time. We struggle with this every day to feel powerless to stop any injustice near or far.

We talk about the rise and ascendancy of collective consciousness of society, but all I see is decay of morality and apathy. All I see is hatred spreading via the very things that were designed to stop it.

When I say that I see negativity, and lack of apathy I mean society as a whole, where apathy is reduced to the time a tweet is visible on the screen. This is my worthless apology to those who suffer...

So yes I am guilty of sometimes, turning myself away, to stop seeing the bloodshed, to stop listening to the endless stories of how low humanity can get. I can't take it anymore. All those who are suffering at the hands of others all I can do is pray for you. May God end your suffering. 

Images & videos from Gaza are soul crushing, I feel myself wither away with every new image. My heart doesn't want me to look at these anymore, its too much, but I know I am a drop, in the river of global consciousness, and I must not stop and I will not stop, it's the least I can do. A time approaches when mere outraging on social media won't be enough, we must disrupt the normalization of bloodshed, keep raising our voices without fail, and let those in power know that there is strength in numbers.


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