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Mac Vs PC

Check this out... I love it. Never knew the battle would come to this ...

Toonnnnter Still !

. Nope not even after one day he's still a tooontttt! Anyway there are some ppl in the world you cant just make happy. I knew of one person like that before but this one takes the biscuit... I salute you SIR your the epitimy of what Im talking about ... Your an agotisitical Mr know it all. Who the hell are you. Wiseguy. You just cant say anything nice about anything can you.... Your a frakin toooont !

Some ppl are just ----------- toooont!

I happened to come across a person sometime ago I won't name the guy cause that maybe trouble for me... But man.... what an asshole... I mean seriously SIR you are an Asshole.... oh man... Some ppl are like so set on their opinions you just cant budge them... My cusin's Nikah function was a few days ago and what the hell ... Same assholicness was there to see as well... I busted my ass and then got fever for two days working in the rain for some body and that some body has the nerve .... Oh I hate assholes... this one that one... all the world is full of assholes. I just want to say frakkk you all you mo...Tooonnt assooo_____ toonts

The Sleepwell Club - My Documentry Project at Rifah

2 more projects I will upload soon...

Momories Part 1 - Buddz

My friends ... those were the days....


For the bestest friends one could ever have.   The things that binds strangers and bonds that are made maybe stronger then blood itself...   Old pics ... Aah the good old days... All day MTV + Channel V with Khalood in the Mix on LBC   those were the days ... endless night searches for new satellite chennels ... late night discovery channel documentry sessions.   and then Rabwi Hills 35460 .   AB & KB   Ahooga !!!   Horizon. X-Files. Startrek. Twin Peaks and Whigfiled.   The stardust tunnel sequence championship. The endless mac vs pc battle.   Enter the Shapungium ... !   and so much more...

Seasonal Sadness

ts obvious that I write when I'm sad. So here it is... I am very sad today. So many reasons to be happy but ... Its been one of those days. I just wanna say.... FRAK YA !

Edited the blog interface today

For so long I wanted a custom header image for my blog and today I figured out how to do it also wanted to add images into my posts and learned that as well and then found out that you can now add different gadgets as well ... seems like I've been away too long

Its been too long

I was busy.. I am busy but that wont keep me from writing ... I'm back....