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Have you ever wondered how you will die?

A bomb blast kills 87.  87, just a number, a statistic, doesn't even shade us anymore. The more the brutality, the more numb we become, reaching to the point when we just flip the channel. We ignore it.  Life is everything to us, no other truth needs to be learned, who cares if the only thing absolute in this world is mortality. We all want the high life. We dream big, we have high aspirations and most of us have agendas. Some crave greatness, breaking the rules, they step over every moral, ethical and religious boundary.  But what we don't think of, and let slip our minds is the inevitability of death. Some people die for a cause and become martyrs and some become useless statistics, martyrs for some, demons for others. How can we know which one is which? Have you ever wondered if your death would be a statistic or will it mean something? All those who see a crime and let it happen are more guilty than the perpetrator himself, this is the law of