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Status update

write these words to the tune lets take a ride to the moon forget those impy scorny faces lets look for grandeur in traces she says log off return to me plenty of places where we can be thirsty crow is the story in the books world keeps us hanging with hooks hand me that picture they stole suspended reality in a broken soul happiness a moments endeavour the bitter truth sorrows are forever this song Im singing has no end hymn of the broken ascend blurred screams in the background muted compassion makes no sound numbness of the heart beckons happy to wear these shackles stagnated I can no longer relate emotions compressed status update take my hand for I need you now take a walk with me in the snow you're the respite I always wanted certainly a wish that got granted

Look at what you've done

Look at what you've done - A #visual #poem by Naeem Ahmad Sabir — Naeem Ahmad Sabir (@cybegeek) October 23, 2016 look at where you've been all the love & pain seen lessons of life come undone look at what you've done still you've learnt nothing still you don't listen desires have you in prison in chains that glisten you're hollow at the inside pretend smiles at the outside you preach perfect devotion secret dirt brushed aside someone has to place a mirror to your face how hideous you've become greed lust pride disgrace your worship is theatrical your love is superficial heart made of black stone your life is just artificial