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A different kind of new year resolution

As the new year's sun will rise most of us would have made some sort of promise to our selves. A new year's resolution, almost all are about something we want or desire. As I sit here and write these words and look at the year I have left behind I only have one new year's resolution and its not about wanting ... its about giving... I wish to give as much love as possible ... thats all the world needs ... thats all what I need.

Why is Pakistani Media killing our core values ?

If you know me then you know that I'm no conservative but sometimes some thing comes up that makes my blood boil. I stopped watching Pakistani television some time ago but today happened to watch a drama on Geo and what they were preaching in that drama really pissed me off. My concern is this. I don't care if they show porn on television as long as its clearly marked as porn and not shown in primetime.  They always say to me that english movies and dramas have much more violence and sex and bad things in them, you don't say anything about them? but the thing is that the program or a movie has clear indications of whats in it and if there is something you can just skip that part and it's over also due to language most dont understand it anyway. The problem is that Pakistani media is in urdu and easily understandable to children and the themes being discussed in primetime when children are watching have far greater impact also the writers take no pains to ma

Have you ever wondered how you will die?

A bomb blast kills 87.  87, just a number, a statistic, doesn't even shade us anymore. The more the brutality, the more numb we become, reaching to the point when we just flip the channel. We ignore it.  Life is everything to us, no other truth needs to be learned, who cares if the only thing absolute in this world is mortality. We all want the high life. We dream big, we have high aspirations and most of us have agendas. Some crave greatness, breaking the rules, they step over every moral, ethical and religious boundary.  But what we don't think of, and let slip our minds is the inevitability of death. Some people die for a cause and become martyrs and some become useless statistics, martyrs for some, demons for others. How can we know which one is which? Have you ever wondered if your death would be a statistic or will it mean something? All those who see a crime and let it happen are more guilty than the perpetrator himself, this is the law of

Silent Death (The consequences of silence)

I stopped following Pakistani news media long time ago and whenever I am forced to endure some media pundit's sermon my views are reinforced. There were a few which I thought were better then the pack but soon it dawned on me that they were also no different and not in it for the truth. When I was studying tv journalism, one of our teachers who had been an MD for PTV plainly told us that there is no such thing as a fair and unbiased media and in an environment like Pakistan where news is bought and sold with the presenters, its foolish to expect fair and objective reporting. Still one hopes and wants to believe that there are a few who would dare to speak the truth and channels who would dare to air them. These last days have seen a drastic increase in the incidents of Anti Ahmadiyya violence and rhetoric. One person murdered another shunned from society, someone looses his job or some students are expelled, keep on repeating over and over again but no one dares to speak out

A sleepless night

night lays awake beside me where once you used to be tearing me inside no one sees how I die slowly eternally can't decide which hurts most betrayal or plain insensitivity shattered dream are made of glass cuts deep which never really heal you loved me once or was it a lie? I am burning before your eyes but you don't see me anymore with every beat the heart aches even more tossing and turning sleep eludes me no it can't be, the one I loved is the one who stabbed me  here I lay bleeding, no one sees how I die bit by bit gradually

Pakistan, think!

Precious lives are lost everyday, murder mayhem and lawlessness. Whose to blame here? A friend says that its God's way of cleaning up. Someone says its insensitive to say that but I say we made this world, we made this country the way it is. No regard for laws, morality and human life. Why cry then, why lament on the loss. Yes we will talk about it ... for a day or two but then we got more pressing issues ... Whats a life's worth in Pakistan? What did we do about any attacks on Pakistani people, what about near Hundred slaughtered in Garhi Shaho in the name of faith and religion, Ahmadi they na! Who cares as long as your safe in your living rooms but God cares and he watches us and punishes our wrong doings, He gives us time to realize our mistakes and repent and if we don't then we invite his punishment. Some among us are beginning to realize that whatever is happening in Pakistan is out of control chaos and some are saying that its God's wrath. Some justify th

Under shadows of guns - Eid in Rabwah

This Eid when I woke up to get ready I was in a somber mood. I knew I wasn't going to the Aqsa mosque (the central mosque) where there would be thousands of people and the sweet smell of perfume would make the cool morning air even fresher. No. Those days are gone now. When we used to go to our mosques (places of worship) without the shadows of guns. I was going to the mosque just a few houses away from my house due to terrorist threats to the main mosque and why have I been denied this joy? only because of my religion... only because I choose to believe what I feel is right and which is a matter between me and my God... Only because I choose to call this country my home even if I am called a minority, even if my forefathers gave their blood to make this country a reality. The last Eid we had in the Aqsa Mosque was a few years ago. Seems like a distant memory now. I remember hurrying up to get good parking for my car, getting the children ready and then waiting for ages f

Why posting fake Steve Jobs illness pics was plain wrong

Some days ago while on G+ I came across the fake Steve Jobs illness pictures and I was appalled. My mother had done a long battle with cancer and I was with her the whole time. I know what toll it takes emotionally and physically and to display that to the whole world was unethical and just plain wrong. We live in a world where nothing is sacred anymore, nothing. We're all sadists. We get pleasure from others pain. How pitiful the human race has become. We do anything to make money. we sell anything. here is a link to show that it was fake... I posted the link here... but then thought its just not right to endorse that even further you can google it for your self.


We revolve around this world .. the tangible world … the one we can see and hear the one we can touch and yet we are supposed to believe in a world beyond and given all kinds of assurances that it exists. Some will kill for that world some will stop at nothing … we forget the purpose, we forget who we are… we fail to question and we fail to answer. we don't see the journey and don't realize that the journey is the goal. I said I was done with analyzing but can't help it… I just can't understand the cold heartedness of the human soul. I feel despair creeping up my soul, its like Ive become numb again.  I feel lifeless…  even words illude me to explain how I feel...

You've done it again

Some people just can't help it. It in their nature to be mother frakers. After a days work whats better than a dose of plain and simple zalalat but this time you've really crossed the line. Yeah I say it every time cause the pain you can cause is directly proportional to how fraking stupid and illogical you can be.

Words with edges

I was told by someone the other day that my worth is what I value in dollars. I was told that whatever I have worked for and whatever I have achieved is worthless. I was told that it's my failure that people don't shower me with their affection by giving me suitcases filled with money. I was told that love loyalty and the relations of blood are nothing if they don't have euros in the offering. That someone has hurt me really deeply ... Again. I don't know how long I can stand this anymore. I don't even want to reply to these pathetic and loathsome thoughts which go against every thing taught by my mentors and the values which I believe to be present in every drop of my blood.

Think Rethink

We as pakistanis are going through some pretty rough times not a day goes by when something even worse than the day before doesn't happen. Trying to make sense of this mess is equally disturbing resulting in confusion and all kinds of wild theories. It's very easy to point the finger at someone else and place the blame but complex issues such as what plague our country cannot have simple answers. The answers are intertwined with our history and can only be achieved through unbiased objective thinking. The term revolution is heard over and over again mounting to frustration that there isn't one happening in Pakistan any time soon which is ironically a blessing cause a revolution without a clear and well defined objective and without the proper education of the masses will be disastrous for Pakistan. Pakistani revolutionary movements tend to be highjacked by those who have their own agendas. It's the people who must spearhead the change no political party or organiz

How to Keep all of your Passwords Separate

Keeping and remembering long passwords is a pain but there is a simple method which can make good strong passwords. As a rule always keep your Hotmail Facebook Yahoo Gmail Twitter passwords different and never use same password for all. Here is how it works make a base password first for Example: Xenoped174 Notice it has one Capital Letter and the word it self is not a common English word and there is a number in the end. This it self is a strong password but now how to make it different for all the services you use. Lets say we want to make this for yahoo then what you can do is that you put the word yahoo in the start, middle or at the end Xenoped174yahoo or yahooXenoped174 or Xenopedyahoo174 It is your secret that where you place the service part lets see what happens with Hotmail same password but for hotmail Xenoped174hotmail this way you can make countless unique strong passwords which are very easy to remember and hard to hack. Most people use a single passwo


I need you now to take my hand walk the sands feel my heart pounding for you I see you now cant break free your sweet words mystify me, cant be longing for you I feel you now slipping away with the ocean's sway your my life line searching for you I wish it could be not just a fantasy dreaming ecstasy perpetual agony waiting for you

Lack of children's programs on Pakistani TV Channels

For a generation to succeed it must be nurtured by the previous generation. The growing mind of a child which is constantly learning needs stimulation in order to get that mind to think in the right direction and pave the way to knowledge and better understanding. As I remember my childhood, even though there was only one tv channel then PTV, the thing which stands out is that there was a genuine effort to educate as well as entertain. Perhaps one of the reasons for that is that profit was not the aim. I remember lots of programs that I watched that have shaped the way I think, the way I view the world. Programs which explained the world to me, opened the doors to science and technology, to rationality and looking at the world differently. Much has gone bad since then ... there are virtually no educational programs left on any channel ... one might argue there is the Discovery Channel or National Geographic sure these resources are there and a few are willing to learn ... but the s

It's called khapping

My mind is in fulto khapping mode at the moment. Reason unknown. Maybe I'm bored or maybe as the great mujambo says sari rati khajal Hoya fer v kuj nahin labba. Whatever the reason I hate khapping mode and it seems whenever one is in khapping mode the rest of the world is hell bent on increasing it's potency. I think this can be used as a blogging tool. At least it can save drafts. The other day I wrote a poem on another program and it didn't save it and all data was lost and I had to write it again. Just came back from hospital Rohail's got some kind of allergic rash on his legs dr says it's due to wedding meat. The wedding couple is in front of me acting all funny trying not to. Another fraking drama is on hum tv. I think all drama makers on paki tv should be castrated. The shit that passes as television is crap of the most smelly kind. And then the uncle goes ahead and turns on the news... Man this guy in one big news junkie ... And the news is even crappi


She was like an ocean breeze she touched his face she held his hands under the pillows to hide the love she had she was like a blossom she let him go smiling how she hurt inside how she cried he never knew she hid it just like before he moved on and so did she he never apologized she never said a word maybe she knew how sorry he was what they had pure & beautiful maybe eternal perhaps needs closure to finally say goodbye

Naive Little girl thinks the world of him... Alas!

I sometimes marvel at the human ability to forget. I see relationships everywhere and almost all the time the ones who are in them say things like ... oh its perfect or I would never do anything to jeopardize this ... but they do ... people fall apart and here is why... The Belief that Love is almost supernatural thus incorruptible Love is just an emotion and what is emotion ? its a human behavior response to specific stimuli. When I talk to young people who are searching for mates the most common thing I notice is the absolute disregard for reality. Perhaps it's due to age and the lessons one learns through time or hormones.The thing that one must learn is that nothing is absolute in life and almost always things and people are not what they seem on the surface. The human kind is a fascinating species able to lie and cheat and break the trust of the ones who love you the most. We go thorough relation after relation repeating the mistakes and forgetting what happened the last

Things didn't go as planned

So here we are again ... Going full circle looking at the start again ... It's no use complaining I guess but still its not fair ... I really thought this was it this time and I would finally be free. I don't know how I can contain my frustration anymore ... I loath the state of mind that I'm confronted with all the time and now I can't escape it is painfully evident. Support ? thats a novel idea .... I really wish I could have it from "the one" but some might say isn't that support what's been already done but thats not enough I'm afraid ... Dont understand what I'm sayin ? Good Join the club....