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Trying to fix something that cannot be fixed is a mistake that leads to running in circles of hopeless, endless pain. Although hard to see at the time there is always a simple solution. Whatever the reasons one has, to endure torment become meaningless when examined through the lens of time. Life, a series of moves and countermoves with destiny, fate and blind chance weaving the tapestry. We make the mistake of assuming anything to be permanent, it is as permanent as we make it our selves, even pain. To endure cruelty at the hands of another in the name of any emotion is in fact cruelly to one's self. The realities we don't want to confront make us hide, to seek refuge in temporary shelters but we forget that these shelters have no foundation and they crumble at the weakest vibration. We devise clever ways to bend reason to justify the existence of those shelters and hide their existence but in reality no truth ever needs to be hidden and if it does then whatever the reas

Careless Murder

Being a parent is a constant learning experience. The happiness and joy one feels when one does become a parent is unlike anything else. So is the despair of losing a child. There are natural calamities that one cannot help avoid like sickness or other natural causes and one feels helpless and perhaps comforted too that there is nothing else one could do. But there are situations and circumstances which however are totally under our control.  Rules are made for a reason, they help save lives. I am particularly talking about basic rules of road safety. Simple things we normally don't pay any attention to can save lives or perhaps save from potential injury.  For example when your walking on the open road with your child it only takes a moment to keep the child away from the road with you in between. Just a simple step. Or teaching your child how to cross a road properly and specially be more careful when on blind turns etc or perhaps simply holding his hand. Kids don't

A portrait of hatred

There is a silent surrender going on. The demise of humanity, the death of the very soul. Who did it and how it happened is irrelevant now, it has become a matter of survival. The thinking man has bought his life in exchange for silence. Those who teach, teach hatred, those who preach, preach death. No boundaries, no limits, murder of innocence, a mother of 60, a beloved son, a passionate teacher, just statistics. Destroyed lives, broken families, the innocence robbed from a child's eyes replaced with fear. Greed rules empty lifeless hearts which cannot feel, all consumed with wants and desires, the lust for power, the destruction of faith. Words like love, loyalty & sacrifice long forgotten. Such barbarity, such cruelty, sermons of hatred, and those making them on pedestals of highest order. They ride on the shoulders of mindless drones conditioned to never question, to look the other way when they hear screams. For there is safety in burying your head in