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Time of Change

I have a theory that everything changes in a person's life in every two years at most. Ive seen it in my life many times. What I believed was that circumstances change but I didn't think that people change as well ... well I didn't know better... There is no such thing as a constant in our lives. I've seen people change, the ones I thought never could. Its painful to me to look back and see the ones I loved and shared my life with being so selfish. Whose to blame here? me or them ... have I changed as well? I guess I have... for better or worse I don't know One might say I'm the reason of my problem.


This happened a few days ago but it showed me what people are capable of seemingly intelligent and normal people become assholes… the problem is that people think that no one can catch their lies… which is a lie which their brain tells them… so much happened that I cant put into words and don't want to anyway … _____________________________________________ Image deleted on popular demand!

One Pakistan One Nation – Voice of the true Pakistani…

We made this country along with others who were fighting for freedom. It aches my heart to see what it has become. But I don't blame the country… I blame its people who made a mockery of the sacrifices their elders made. Still there are some who want it restored to its intended glory. Here is manifesto of one such group of people ONE PAKISTAN ONE NATION - We stand for a peaceful, moderate, and liberal Pakistan, with social justice, and equal opportunities. A country with gender equality are ingrained values;  where class structure does not flourish on the basis of economic imbalance;  where quality education is for all not for few privileged, where health and other civic amenities are delivered at people’s doorsteps, where common person has freedom to information, organization, expression. We want to work for a Pakistan which stands against all forms of violence, abuse, and injustice to everyone; where people are conscientious citizens of a welfare state, v

Experiment lost

I've been doing an experiment for last week or so and all I can tell you is that I blew it! muhahahaha!…. to be fair the test subject I choose for this was no average person… All I wanted was a decent fun dialogue… but I guess Im that boring… no wonder! and all this sports stuff drives me mad I mean first it was cricket t20 something and Now football I mean come on yaar I know its the world cup but what are you so fraked up about. Pakistan doesn't even have its own team … sigh! Also I want to point out the sheer hypocrisy… I mean more then 40 people died last night in the attack on datta and all you can think of is the fraking football… shame on you as a nation…  I just turned on Geo and there they were … the thumkas! as nothing happened… and an Indian movie on another channel … and then your naive enough to ask why this Azab on our country. I tell you why cause you don't care and wont care until it will come to your door step! Your a dead Nation… the real exp