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Rock Bottom

Truth is truth... it doesn't need elaborate explanations... the more someone has something to hide the more intricate the story becomes... because it is designed... truth is like a sharp blade it has the power to cut through to the heart in one simple sweep... Social media has made all of us judges, jury and executioners... we have forgotten due process and form our opinions based on our perceived semantics, we are too quick to label, dismiss or condemn. We don't even posses a single neuron capable of critical thinking and logic. I've been writing about the facades we build to deceive ourselves and others for years, but that was just an exercise of thought, coming face to face with the actual grim realities is a nightmare much worse. Its mind boggling to me how people can brush off realities with such ease, how we are able to ignore, distort, or fabricate truths to our needs. How can hearts not explode when they see cruelty to others, if we don't have the power to stop