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We talk too much. We say too much and we even speak up our minds when we say that we are unable to speak. Sometimes  we say things without even uttering a single word and sometimes a speech with articulate words seems hollow...   What elevates words from being mere words to thoughts that touch others... emotions?   Its was nice to see that sombody did read what I was writing. I know that no one will ever fully comprehend cause I am not telling the full story. But thats the way I like it it makes it a mystery and the most importantly its the mystery of my life.   I guess I've had enough of life in my self satisfactory misery bubble. I want out now. The real world awaits. I'm ready to take the world on. Aaaah ! here I go again ... WORDS...   Lets suppose THIS time its all true ... Am I ready for what can await at the other end ?   Been looking for a helping hand all my life... Never did anything alone. I was scared. Maybe am still now. I always used to say t