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A different kind of new year resolution

As the new year's sun will rise most of us would have made some sort of promise to our selves. A new year's resolution, almost all are about something we want or desire. As I sit here and write these words and look at the year I have left behind I only have one new year's resolution and its not about wanting ... its about giving... I wish to give as much love as possible ... thats all the world needs ... thats all what I need.

Why is Pakistani Media killing our core values ?

If you know me then you know that I'm no conservative but sometimes some thing comes up that makes my blood boil. I stopped watching Pakistani television some time ago but today happened to watch a drama on Geo and what they were preaching in that drama really pissed me off. My concern is this. I don't care if they show porn on television as long as its clearly marked as porn and not shown in primetime.  They always say to me that english movies and dramas have much more violence and sex and bad things in them, you don't say anything about them? but the thing is that the program or a movie has clear indications of whats in it and if there is something you can just skip that part and it's over also due to language most dont understand it anyway. The problem is that Pakistani media is in urdu and easily understandable to children and the themes being discussed in primetime when children are watching have far greater impact also the writers take no pains to ma