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کوئی تو - Koyee tou

کوئی نہ ملا جومجھے سمجھ پایا سب ادھورا چھوڑ گئے کوئی نہ میری امید برلایا کوئی نہ میری ذات میں جھانک پایا سب کے سب وہ دیکھتے رہے  جو میں نہ تھا میں ادھورا تھا ادھورا ہی رہا سکھ پاکر بھی  سکھ نہ پا سکا

Get me the one

Get me the one who eases my pain Who is like a shade in life’s hard rain Who is near me when I need her When I need to I could hear her Who sees the hidden tears in my laughter Who promises to be at my side ever after Whom when I wanted to I could reach and touch And who willingly gives me love as such Whom I could feel deep inside of me Whom I could feel without a lingering touch 12-7-95

The Wait

There is the look in your eyes which makes me feels so good I could never feel love like this before I don’t think that I should But you make me feel that way like a new born in a cradle I know I am not ready for this Still I wait for the first kiss 8-7-95