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Qissa Civic Sense aur Common Road Courtesy ka

There is a thing called common road courtesy jo ke Humaray sheher ke logon ke Kareeb se bhi nahin phatki... Jinan no nank ponjhan di tameez nahin unhan noo Honda city de diti...

Poori road ke centre main Aisay jatay hain Jesay road ka tender notice inkay Abu ji ki behind se nikla tha....

Awal to koyee road bachi nahin sawaye "shahrahay dastoor" ke... Baki jo road numa chezain hain unpe rakhsha walon nay dibs li hoyee hain aur baki jo jaga khali Bach gaye usper ab rerhi bhi na khari karen... Road bhalla hoti kis liyay hay?

Aur wallah kia genius ke bachay waldain hain jo Apnay 12 saal ke bachay ko motor bike de detay hain aur Unki mama apni poori 200ft kay gheray ke saath peechay bhi Bethi hoti hay... Matlab akathay marain ge... Beta 😏

Woh jo naye girls college wali road hey na Uspay koyee speed breaker nahin Wahan se Micheal shumaker ke bachay Rickshaw driver Aisay guzartay hain jitni speed main Aap tab gari chalatay hain jab bohat zor ka washroom aya hoo...

Koyee baat nahi…

Reveries of the soul

Deep inside this beating heart
a lingering pain tears apart

kept from the world secluded
undisclosed remorse alluded

perhaps memory streams
forgotten hopes & dreams

perhaps tears which shared
face with the pillow screams

this remains of what was lost
heart paying the truth’s cost

every breath a reminding ache
times of anguish & heartbreak

shattered pieces of my soul
the words written in scroll

the truth, no one will know
for I would never let it show

this, the eternal anguish
is my continual languish

Ode to Parents

When you were a child
Every sight wondrous
Every sound marvellous
Every new day joyous

On along the way you lost
Sweet happiness naive Innocence
That Something irreplaceable
The inner light so incredible

A love too unconditional
Eyes closed in mother's lap
fragile visage indestructible
Nothing felt impossible

Embrace of a father
lifting a child feeling low
Reassuring and sublime
There for him all the time

Still can hear those prayers
That were meant for you
As you lay down at night
Mother's arm pillow just right

Instilled with love & affection
Values & virtues live on
The sum of all nurture
when love becomes nature

Hymn of a Callous Heart

My New Blogpost: Uncomfortably Numb: Hymn of a Callous Heart #poem#Video#Visual

Visit my blog:— Naeem Ahmad Sabir (@cybegeek) July 12, 2017 Tell me what do you see
Look deep into your soul

Do you feel pain like me
As if you're just not whole

With every breath that you take
You're confronted with an ache

Whispers howl in the sleepless night
In your mind ghosts of the past fight

Refuge you cannot find or solace
Tis your heart thats become callous

Close your eyes when you see cruelty
Cover your ears and deny apathy

Heartless cruel and superficial
insatiable undignified & artificial

Forgetting purpose you stray afar
Desires guide you to the altar

Love is the sacrifice you make
How many hearts did you break

In the end nothing lasts forever
More pain for you to discover

The Residual Noise

I don't like to be alone with my thoughts, rather drown in the white noise. Regrets longing love and hatred in a single thread, what a tangled mess, some happiness. Despair agony betrayal misery that's the way things used to be, even though time has gone full speed, wish I could set myself free. What of those who were there for a moment and then lost, what of those who were there for you.

Reliving a memory that sweet haunting melody, a cry for help, help me almighty, my heart only you can see, empty. I don't even know what these tears are for, of a memory of agony? Nothing left but that, a memory... how can I let it go, It's not that I'm not greatful for what I have now, it's all I ever wanted, beautiful....

It's the past that haunts me, it's that untold story which kills me, it's like a shroud of darkness that covers everything that I ever held dear, everything that mattered to me, becomes untrustworthy, was it real or everything a deception? Was …

High on Toxic

There is a pulsar shining next door
emptiness to the core you adore

Sit close to me on the roof take a selfie
projected life what someone else sees

Hallow words, hearts, hollow dreams
do what it takes to drown the screams

Hear my self breathing high on toxic
letting empty thoughts corrode logic

See them choose the highest pedestal
for their ego self praise is so essential

Why does one forget the dust in the end
seems distant but is just a split second

Why does the heart grow cold like ice
lost virtues with the roll of times dice

Echoes of words that vanish in the air
trying to find a way out of despair

Not easy going back to the very start
takes longer mending a shattered heart

میری سحر

جب  کچھ نہ تھا تب ملی امید سحر
خدا نے دی جیسے خود ہی نوید سحر

خوشی ملی جو برسوں  روٹھ گئی تھی
سکوں جیسے ملتا ہے دعائے وقت سحر

ان گنت غموں سے ٹوٹا پڑا تھا میں
بنی مرھم جیسی  وہ اک  نسیم  سحر

دعا بس یہی ہے میری رب رحیم سے
پر مسرت رہے تمہاری ہر گھڑی ہر سحر