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Days have gone since I Saw your face smiling at me That last goodbye wish it lingered Your sweet voice calling for me I look at your side of the bed Teary eyes have nothing to see You were crazy sometimes Sometimes sweet just for me Every second I fight back misery For the one thats looking at me I can't fathom living without you But that's the way I have to be You were God's precious gift Which no one else can ever be I close my eyes and I see you In my heart you'll forever be

Dua (A Prayer)

O Allah the almighty Hear my cries See the tears I weep Save me There's none else that I seek For I am torn Shattered The ache hidden I keep Great is your name Sublime is your magnificence True is your word All the promises you keep Vast is your kingdom Over countless dimensions Infinite is your knowledge Boundless is your mercy Pray forgive me my lord For my sins I am but a speck of dust At the mercy of your wish

How can I remember you

How can I remember you How can I capture in words What you were to me, are to me How can I say to you How looking at you made my day How can I write in words How my world shattered when you left How can I even begin to imagine a life without you How can I, not see you everyday and Not feel my soul evaporate How can I see someone in love and not lament what I've lost How can I walk these roads where we used to walk How can I bare these walls which still echo your voice How can I laugh when your not here to share it How can I breath When your not here to hear it How can I tell the story Where is my happy ending