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The Dilemma of Certitude

Trying to understand the world around us, what makes people do the things they do, their motivations, their beliefs, is it simply that black and white, what about the greys? 
 Why do we find that most of the times those supposed bastions of faith are the ones the most corrupt. Dont these people understand the precept of their own belief system. What makes them not practice what they preach? The answer to this question unlocks the deepest mysteries of belief and sin. 
 Unfortunately the dogma that one adheres to does not supersede the universal vice of greed & ego, until there is equality, all the promise of salvation is deluded, a smokescreen to enslave and exploit, regardless of what dogma you adhere to, if in practice there is injustice and there is a clear divide, it is a failure. 
 Here is the stumbling block, when one tries to make sense of what one observes, with logic alone and can be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the purpose of every theological dogma