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Fun Times

One day in the sixth or seventh grade I came back from school and got straight to bed. The fun began when I woke up. I totally forgot about my day and thought it was morning again and My dad had real fun with that he started saying you better get ready for school and have breakfast and I was like hey I went to bed in my uniform and I wont have to put it on again... ;) so about 1/2 an hour later I realized that I had been had... when Dad turned on the television. My dad was a fun loving man and most of the events I remember of my childhood when I went somewhere for a picnic or something were all arranged by him and mostly paid for by him as well. He loved to see his family having fun. One time we went to the river side. We had all kinds of Bar BQ stuff with us and we were 16-18 people all stuck in our volvo station wagon, we would just turn the seats down and all of us would go in... anyway when we started up our BarBQ there the aroma started to spread. There were a bunch of guyz pl

Why not write about the things I love

So I was thinking why not write about the things I love instead of what I hate, so heres my 1st try. Remember its something new to me :D so It may end up like all of the other posts, so be warned! Well the thing I love the most is science ... why? because it tells you the true nature of things it doesn't lie or has other intentions, its plain and simple facts, sometimes brutal and rough I know but still there is no silver lining or an agenda. So most of the other things that I love or like stem from science, like science fiction. I believe that by imagining the future we make it happen, for example when Gene Roddenberry first made start trek most of the technology shown in the program was there just as gimmick and no thought was put into it that it had roots in actual science but here we are almost 40 years later and most of the things imagined in the program are in our daily use now. The talking computer, mobile fones, hand held computers, tablets, needle less syringes, all so