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The Last Gift

To love you is wrong I know
feelings as cold as snow
can still feel the warmth
beside me nothing left to glow

I feel the numbness seeping in
empty aching heart grows cold
you dont even see me now
might as well be buried deep within

I wish I could stop being sober
cant bare to know that its over
memories riddle the mind
asking why with no answer

you will know what emptiness is
you will feel what loneliness gives
you will look for comforting warmth
you will long for lingering embrace

wishing ashes could give
I will burn until nothing's left
you will notice the warmth then
never knowing that it is the last gift

An extinction well deserved


I loved the name and when I grew up I loved the idea. Since then Ive accepted the bitter reality that the idea though how beautiful at its inception, remains as fragile.

Ive seen many years and have witnessed the decay of morality and humanity seeping away. Things that once were rare and were enough to jog the conscious of a nation, now dont even register. Pakistanis seem to have and endless ability to devise ways to plunder, murder & inflict endless pain thus becoming less then human blood thirsty sadists.

A population with no moral values, no human decency invites a destiny of annihilation. No amount of human endeavour can alleviate the collective sickness that runs in the blood. There is no cure for this plague except extinction.

An extinction well deserved. When you remain quiet when they murder brothers, mothers and children. When they burn houses and you look the other way. When they spew hatred and you accept. When you dont think and just obey. You dont question …