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Going to Lahore

Yeah going to Lahore for a wedding with family,.. really gives me the creeps. No not the wedding the situation of Pakistan I fear for my kids for my family being hurt. I try all kinds of things to calm my self but I am a worrying person I worry about any and everything. I cant be with children I worry too much they might fall might be hurt this way or that. Will update via twitter. Yeah its been long since I've posted anything here its partly due to the reason that I was working two jobs and was too busy and tired to do anything, now I've quit that job and have lots and lots of free time. And yes I will write about that episode of my life in detail too... Since Im not an employee anymore I would like to mention a few assholes I meet along the way... I got a job offer the other day but for that I would have to go to lahore and leave MTA and I've made my mind that if I am to live in Pakistan Rabwah is the safest place to be (Alhamdolilah) Doing a project for MTA these d

Blogging all the way

Been busy looking after my various blogs these days. Also was setting up twitter so that the blogs go on twitter as well .. but I don't know whats wrong with blogger at the moment. its not showing my posts. Update: Its confirmed Blogger is not updating my blog... Come on Blogspot whats wrong with you. Anyway I like Twitter I think its good for blogging. Facebook is also ok but feels like too time wasting for me. I'm going to start my 4th Blog soon its all for those Indian Movie and Music Fans they can find Rapidshare links now !!!

Tell me why

In my dreams, Children sing A song of love for every boy and girl The sky is blue, the fields are green And laughter is the language of the world Then I wake and all I see is a world full of people in need Tell me why,(why) does it have to be like this Tell me why, (why) is there something I have missed Tell me why, (why) cause I don't understand When so many need somebody We don't give a helping hand Tell me why Every day, I ask myself what will I have to do to be a man Do I have, to stand and fight To prove to everybody who I am Is that what my life is for? To waste in a world full of war Tell me why, (why) does it have to be like this Tell me why, (why) is there something I have missed Tell me why,(why) cause I don't understand When so many need somebody We don't give a helping hand Tell me why (Tell me why) Tell me why (Tell me why) Tell me why (Tell me why) Just tell me why (why, why, why) Tell me why, (why) does it have to be like this Tell me why, (why) is there

A Broken Heart

This is from someone very dear to me... I sit in the park where i dwell for this boy I love so well He took my Heart away from me and now he wants to set me free I see a girl on his lap , he said things to her he never said to me I run home to Cry on my bed, not a word to mother was said father came home late that night, he looked at me from left to right he saw me hanging from a rope and on my dress he found a note Dig my grave, dig it deep, dig my grave from head to feet and on the top a little dove, remember this I died for Love.

Shahadat Report

The hardest thing that I ever have to do while editing for MTA is the Shahadat reports and Documentaries. The viewers get to see only a toned down and tv friendly view of things. I on the other hand get access to actual footage and images and which makes my heart ache with pain. All one can do is pray and hope that the documentary or the report your making makes a difference.

Ramblings of a grumpy young old guy

These days its become too mechanical. Get up get ready do your chores come home eat sleep. I guess this is what they want us to be ... slaves to time. The strange thing which happened for 2 days now is that the drastic electric outage is over now...(I hope) Its the coming of age thing, realizing that your not young anymore, some deny it some wear the new suite of responsibility with pride and some like him HIDE. Hiding in the past, the future in myths or in religion. He is envious of the rest of them ... all of them get to do things He never could or would or should. He with his twisted maybe accurate sense of right and wrong could never do all of that ... but why... He is not special maybe worse in some ways... why would a pathetic looser like him would go to all that trouble... He hates their laughter he finds it hollow, maybe in it whats inside him that he hears.

No Trouble Sleeping?

How can they sleep? Can't they see the faces of the children they have killed and are still killing. The face of the world uncovered to be so hideous and ugly. Blind hatred, greed and lust for power turning people into monsters and while we sleep and enjoy our favourite  TV show, glued by the distractions, they are busy murdering innocent children and we move our eyes away and cover our ears not to hear the screams. Everyone knows who they are and still we comply with what our masters want from us. To be quiet and enjoy the puppet show that is enacted before us. Who will speak up, who will save the children on both sides. We rejoice in our blissful ignorance and bask in the spoils of blood. I for one see my own children in the faces of the images and cant watch... The agony of the parent whose child was murdered ... the bleeding heart of a mother who sees her daughter's separated remains... the daughter who this morning was asking for a new doll. Where is humanity? w