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Nine Years

A lot can happen in nine years sometimes shed less tears for its no use living in memories things now happen with ease Things that I wished I would see For you to grow up a tall tree I don't know what I have missed you never went away from my heart A lot can happen in nine years could have beens walk around me In your peers Sometimes I fear the memory is fading Becoming distant so I can't grasp it But then I realize you live within me A part of me how much I mask it You were my first one my bundle of joy The moment I looked at you so little like a toy Eyes so bright full of love my sweet little boy A lot could happen in nine years But the one thing that cannot happen Is that I will never stop missing you

Wait. let's just breethe.

This summer is the hottest as long as I can remember but tempers run even higher. We see divides being enforced, our biases being re-enforced. I don't want to waste time on arguing on who is wrong or who is right. There are endless arguments & counter arguments and no one is listening to each other. In my opinion, they are all liars (the politicians, the religious gate keepers and anyone who sells faith or hope) and we blindly follow, happy in our preferred echo chambers, but the question which I want to ask is, Is it worth it? Have we learned nothing from history? From logic from knowing how things work? All I know is that, whoever sells hatred is at the wrong side of history. If we try to look at things objectively we find the real cost of it all, the loss of humanity and civility, the very things that separate us from animals. We act like mindless zombies on both sides of the narrative never asking, who does this narrative actually benefit. We argue among ourselves, with our