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Ode to Parents

When you were a child Every sight wondrous Every sound marvellous Every new day joyous On along the way you lost Sweet happiness naive Innocence That Something irreplaceable The inner light so incredible A love too unconditional Eyes closed in mother's lap fragile visage indestructible Nothing felt impossible Embrace of a father lifting a child feeling low Reassuring and sublime There for him all the time Still can hear those prayers That were meant for you As you lay down at night Mother's arm pillow just right Instilled with love & affection Values & virtues live on The sum of all nurture when love becomes nature

Hymn of a Callous Heart

My New Blogpost: Uncomfortably Numb: Hymn of a Callous Heart #poem #Video #Visual Visit my blog: — Naeem Ahmad Sabir (@cybegeek) July 12, 2017 Tell me what do you see Look deep into your soul Do you feel pain like me As if you're just not whole With every breath that you take You're confronted with an ache Whispers howl in the sleepless night In your mind ghosts of the past fight Refuge you cannot find or solace Tis your heart thats become callous Close your eyes when you see cruelty Cover your ears and deny apathy Heartless cruel and superficial insatiable undignified & artificial Forgetting purpose you stray afar Desires guide you to the altar Love is the sacrifice you make How many hearts did you break In the end nothing lasts forever More pain for you to discover