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The bottom of the Abyss

Well we've arrived. The place some dreaded for years, all those ignored warning signs and wake up calls later. We have become so numb that this hasn't even registered upon our brain dead comprehension. All that's left is to enjoy the perverse decay that now enriches our lives. You see there comes a times when you just can't help but laugh at the helplessness.  We relish the trivial like jelly biscuits and enjoy destroying each other's lives, washing each other's dirty linen for fun. We like to take selfies with dead corpses. We glorify murderers and agents of chaos & destruction.  I could go on and on listing everything that we have destroyed but whats the use now, there is no way out of this but a great reset, and nature takes care of that by itself. Hatred unleashed eventually consumes everything and the great circle starts again with nothing left of the previous. I mean we all see the relics of the past the Pyramids, the ruins of South America or else whe

Wait. let's just breethe.

This summer is the hottest as long as I can remember but tempers run even higher. We see divides being enforced, our biases being re-enforced. I don't want to waste time on arguing on who is wrong or who is right. There are endless arguments & counter arguments and no one is listening to each other. In my opinion, they are all liars (the politicians, the religious gate keepers and anyone who sells faith or hope) and we blindly follow, happy in our preferred echo chambers, but the question which I want to ask is, Is it worth it? Have we learned nothing from history? From logic from knowing how things work? All I know is that, whoever sells hatred is at the wrong side of history. If we try to look at things objectively we find the real cost of it all, the loss of humanity and civility, the very things that separate us from animals. We act like mindless zombies on both sides of the narrative never asking, who does this narrative actually benefit. We argue among ourselves, with our