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This is a Happy Post

Sometimes we want to be happy don't we. I heard somewhere if you do things that are happy you will start to feel happy so here is my happy post … ….. nope doesn't work. its all bullshit no one is really happy in this world and never can be. Sometimes due to our own doings and sometimes due to the pathetic things people do to you. No matter what you do you cant be happy ever. Were all screwed from the moment were born … and come to think of it we enter this world not happy but crying … a preview of things to come!  You see I'm sick of this world. I really am I really don't like it. What's the point really. I really don't want to go into the religious part of it cause well I have no answer I'm still searching and I don't want to offend the Big boss if you know what I mean. They say man couldn't survive in a perfect world we need our miseries and the things we do to other people to hurt them and the words we say. Can the words I'm sorry can ta

Faces I'll never see again

As I sit here alone in the dark. My thoughts scattered over the years gone by and I start to remember the faces I will never see again in this life. So many people so many memories. My dad who I never remember hurting anyone always doing good for others. My most cherished memory of him is when he used to take me to the small mountain or hilltop near our house I used to piggy back and he would climb and there on the top we would listen to the radio. My mother who used to help so many and never would mention it. I used to talk for hour with her about things that made no sense to her(technology). She would always listen and even participate with a question or two. I miss her warmth and the arm which was my pillow for so many years. There are other faces as well like nani aman mamoo younas mamoo yaqoob mamoo rashid mamoo ramzan uncle mazhar anti bedi even chacha masood chacha nasir and dadi aman. Badar choochoo and baji moona with whom I never meet.