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Words fail me

Don't know what I am feeling Am I missing someone Maybe still mourning Or just reeling If I mourn what is it I'm not numb anymore Is it carnage  Or is the just existence Words fail me Heart aches constantly What is it that I don't see What's eating me with glee I stand but it takes effort of thousand years For a moment of laughter I fight many fears When I compare  With what happens all around My sorrows seem shallow Much more pain abound Helpless to lend a hand I do all I can Not enough  I understand Sometimes I cry While just talking  My heart breaks I cant bare watching endless suffering faces frozen in time Never again will smile O sweet sweet child Hard to fathom 100 days of darkness All lies exposed When humanity died * Till January 14th, 2024, 100 days have passed since the  Ġėṅȯċỉḍė  began in  Ǧȧżȧ, with no end to the suffering, more than 23000 murdered, most of them children. 

The greatest tragedy of the information age

You just sit there, numb, aware of injustice, of persecution, of tyranny around the world but you can't actually do anything about it. Yes, you show your condemnation and Change your DPs on your social media but whats next? Social media has made us insensitive; we struggle with this every moment. Look at any social media timeline, you see selective outrage, selective apathy, and then, it's gone, trivializing real issues. Our minds cope with all of it by forgetting sooner than it should, even the horrifying images of genocide in Palestine are beginning to fade from people's memories, forgetting, the moment its out of sight. This is the greatest tragedy of this age. We are all the culprits and the victims of this at the same time. We struggle with this every day to feel powerless to stop any injustice near or far. We talk about the rise and ascendancy of collective consciousness of society, but all I see is decay of morality and apathy. All I see is hatred spreading via the v

When will you see

O mankind when will you see that the pain you inflict is on you and me The ones you make suffer from your wars and borders your own children you murder Why can't you hear their cries when they ache with hunger when a little child dies Why are your hearts made of stone to see and still not feel on the surface you condone The seeds of hatred you sow will come back for you with sirens of death in tow with no mercy in its eyes the past will haunt you when all turns to red in skies hearts will forget beating when stones become dust endless destruction repeating For there is still time to save that one child, that one mother from the hands that enslave From tyranny and from oppression from massacres from regrets humanity's fatal transgression

Wars Within & Outside

I usually stay away from the news and thats by design cause every time there is a new atrocity, my mind starts reeling, I come face to face with the same dilemma again & again, if you speak up no one listens, yet can't stay quiet as well, too much bloodshed all around, the soul slowly becomes numb, while the killing & bloodshed in the name of every possible deity continues, on to the next atrocity & the next. Outrage expressed in the form of words on a computer screen, What does it achieve... Nothing. Murderers keep roaming free. No one can/will stop them, for everyone has vested interests. Those who need to hear those words, never will & those who read them, choose to ignore. Truth. It doesn't phase anyone anymore, We see images of unimaginable human suffering due to the cruelty of other humans, we are content with sharing those images with others on social media, a few comments here and there and on to the next post, all that human suffering reduced