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Rest in peace

Your voice woke me up Only to find an empty space
You were beautiful elegance For me Personified grace
Every moment your reflections I see your kind and gentle face
All that's left are memories  An ache for the heart to embrace
You shone and made my life bright With light which nothing can replace

A prayer

All praise is for Allah
For He is the one
Who can save u
From the rain
From the lowest depths
From lingering pain

My tears are for u o Allah
For you are the one
Who gave me the test
Of loosing the one
a gem among the rest

My lips will only say your praise
While my heart weeps
While my eyes betray a tear
I see the gift I'm left with
The little angel for me to keep

For I endured all u gave me
With patience and faith
I have stood with head held high
But I am a speck of dust
At the mercy of your wish

Pray be kind for you're all merciful
You're the one who gives plentiful
When we don't even ask
I submit my self o God
For a contented life
For this sweet angel
A never fading smile
That's all I ask