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May - The Month of Faithfulness

(A translation of مئ  ماہِ وفا by @khaksaar75   click here to read the original post ) Today another Ahmadi achieved martyrdom. Rekindling the memories of another month of may in my mind. They not only were pure hearted but were sculpted from the finest soil; and had come to worship their Lord in all tidiness This was 28 May 2010 a Friday when two of our mosques were attacked by terrorists and nearly 100 of our beloved souls were martyred. I requested to volunteer for the night, my duty was to present water to conveys coming to Rabwah, that had families of the martyrs.I stayed awake all night crying and thinking how would I be able to comfort orphans and widows. When I left the house in the morning the whole city was in mourning, empty roads, closed shops not even an auto rickshaw. It felt as if there was a funeral at every house. When I reached Awan-e-Mehmood, I was confronted with unforgettable sights. The convoys had already started reaching since last night. Holding wat

Pakistani Media Wars

I represent the common man. Lot has been said about the recent events by those who claim to represent the sensibilities of the common man, but these analysis feel quiet biased and sometimes outright lunacy specially when some are clearly trying to advance their own agendas thus ending up being the laughing stock of all those who witness & can see beyond the farce. The problem is the society's tendency to accept whatever is presented as true, if the voice is louder than the rest and the facts & claims presented are absurdly outlandish. All that's needed is a little spoon feeding a throat that can yell as hard as it can and an audience conditioned to obey. The more absurd and provocative the claims the more credible the presenter and the channels become. No one has the time or the inclination to verify or refute the claims & it just becomes entertainment, real issue become distorted and trivialised while pathetic non issues get primetime. The masses are k

About morality

Looking for saviours but never looking within ... The worst Pakistani problem is not poverty it's the lack of education. A good education not only gives the opportunity of growth but also a good teacher can nurture morality a clear line between right and wrong. Parents worried about the conduct of children should evaluate their own, no lecture on morality is effective if rules dont apply universally.  This generation has unprecedented access to means for corruption of character via interaction, ease of anonymity & abundance of decadence. Decay of moral values has corrupted & blurred the perception of acceptable social conduct destroying families & relationships. Any conduct which requires anonymity or makes you hide something from those who trust you has the potential to destroy your life. The power to stop what's wrong in your life and in your actions  is always there, Always ... Even if one is buried deep, if you know its wrong, you can stop, you must