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What we never learned

While I was working nearby my wife was on the phone with her mother and the topic was the Minar e Pakistan incident.  The sheer outrage and fear in that conversation hit me hard and is perhaps what's on the minds of every thinking human being left in Pakistan.  No amount of analyzing can hide the fact that this is it, these times we live in are the rock bottom we all feared we were headed towards, there is no more going down from here. No amount of sugar coating can hide the fact that this is a nation of worst creatures ever to roam the earth, I find no words that can actually describe the depravity of soul and the loss of the very last shreds of human decency, this mob is an insult to the word humanity. What a loss, what a shame, to those who still believe these incidents to be isolated, how mistaken you are!  When will you realize that this is the reality of this country. These people are the majority, the mob is the law. There is no enlightened silent majority that will wake up

Empire State of Mind

Don't read this, it maybe gibberish to you but its the state Im in. I feel like all that's bottled up in me needs an outlet. I write poems without context but I don't want to give context either. Its like part of me wants to tell the world my story and a part of me just wants to forget.  I look around and the superficiality is painful. I see mockups of what real people used to be. I see relics of what once was exciting. Sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs and name names of those who wronged me, who stood there and did nothing when they could have stopped what was right in front of them.  But they took sides, I don't want to see their faces anymore but I can't escape, stuck here in this prison, this black hole. This  city just sucks the life out of you.  But thats just one stream of thought that haunts my mind, there are others, a blend of disgust and indignant resignation.  People running ... just running towards what they can get, possessions... or st