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No Trouble Sleeping?

How can they sleep? Can't they see the faces of the children they have killed and are still killing. The face of the world uncovered to be so hideous and ugly. Blind hatred, greed and lust for power turning people into monsters and while we sleep and enjoy our favourite  TV show, glued by the distractions, they are busy murdering innocent children and we move our eyes away and cover our ears not to hear the screams. Everyone knows who they are and still we comply with what our masters want from us. To be quiet and enjoy the puppet show that is enacted before us. Who will speak up, who will save the children on both sides. We rejoice in our blissful ignorance and bask in the spoils of blood. I for one see my own children in the faces of the images and cant watch... The agony of the parent whose child was murdered ... the bleeding heart of a mother who sees her daughter's separated remains... the daughter who this morning was asking for a new doll. Where is humanity? w