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First job at MTA Pakistan

It was late 2000 I think my mother had just passed away in september and I was also a newly wed. At that time I was jobless and doing small jobs like making dvds vcds or editing wedding movies. Which I didn't like at all cause that meant doing editing typical desi paki style which I hate. Anyway in this regard I was known in rabwah that this guy knows something about video. So one day I got a call from MTA Pak that they wanted help in some NLE job. So I went and then never stopped going. Worked for almost three years as a volnteer untill I got a job there. My first major job at MTA was the Holy Quran Project. I took me and my team took about 2 years to finish the complete Quran and its translation.Two sets were made from a single project one quran tilawat only and second with urdu translation. The whole thing was a complicated accumilation of different parts. For example the audio was analouge had to be captured the cleaned of all noise and then treated. That alone took a day or

Tomorrow is another day

For all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put humpty back together again. Life is like that. Somethings cannot be undone. Some wounds never heal and some debts can never be repaid. What I wish for is a life where I could just empty my head from all thoughts and just float in space like a dead rock traveling through space. We desire so much from life. work very little to achieve anything and then blame this and that for it. what is love what is hate. Why we are stuck with these emotions. Why do we need one or the other so much. There is no escape ... I envy the little mud worm so content in its existence. There are two kinds of people in this world .... The good guys and the bad guys. The good guys live in sweatness and honey. The bad guys end up getting all the money !!!!

Sweat memories of childhood

Sweat memories of childhood As sweet as sweet could be The kindeling of love As pure as pure would be Stare as one might the moments past Can never be The first touch The first kiss Holding hands Sleepless nights thinking what could be time leaves nothing behind But a sweet memory Memory of the first love which no one else can ever be _____ I named it Not so random thoughts but then its not that easy to find... so changing name to sweet memories of childhood.

Finally its here

Been working at MTA International for more then 5 years. Its High time I share with you how it felt and feels. So here it is my blog about my time at MTA International Pakistan Studios.    

My blog about Tv Movies and Musik [ Insomniac's Grim Fandango ] Launched   Check it out ...

Too much

These days been very busy. Yeah me ... busy ... that's a contradiction maybe cause most ppl think that I am the laziest person in the world. Anyway been busy as hell. The funny thing is that I don't actually do anything just supervise the repair work at my house.   So whets up with my life. Same old insecurities same old fears nothing changes... But this time I must do something... I can feel it... time has run out ... I need to do something and fast.   The thing that annoys me the most is that I cant be at a place. I cant enjoy something... If I do ... something happens to spoil it. It has happened so many times to me that I really just cant enjoy anything at all anymore.   I keep waiting for signs signals and maybe a helping hand... infect I have relied on others most of my life. I don't know why cant I summon up the confidence I need and I need it bad.   The worse thing is that people are so good at passing judgments on others but never present anythin


Back with a bang im shifting in high gear running in my blood is a barrage of fear the task is a foot and I feel ready to blow away all the smeared and bloody I am the smartbomb that is hell bent to destroy the past selectively spent get out of my way or I'll blow your brains out from a distance can you hear my shout ashes to ashes and dust to dust will be when I'm finished with you... you'll see