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Words fail me

Don't know what I am feeling Am I missing someone Maybe still mourning Or just reeling If I mourn what is it I'm not numb anymore Is it carnage  Or is the just existence Words fail me Heart aches constantly What is it that I don't see What's eating me with glee I stand but it takes effort of thousand years For a moment of laughter I fight many fears When I compare  With what happens all around My sorrows seem shallow Much more pain abound Helpless to lend a hand I do all I can Not enough  I understand Sometimes I cry While just talking  My heart breaks I cant bare watching endless suffering faces frozen in time Never again will smile O sweet sweet child Hard to fathom 100 days of darkness All lies exposed When humanity died

The bottom of the Abyss

Well we've arrived. The place some dreaded for years, all those ignored warning signs and wake up calls later. We have become so numb that this hasn't even registered upon our brain dead comprehension. All that's left is to enjoy the perverse decay that now enriches our lives. You see there comes a times when you just can't help but laugh at the helplessness.  We relish the trivial like jelly biscuits and enjoy destroying each other's lives, washing each other's dirty linen for fun. We like to take selfies with dead corpses. We glorify murderers and agents of chaos & destruction.  I could go on and on listing everything that we have destroyed but whats the use now, there is no way out of this but a great reset, and nature takes care of that by itself. Hatred unleashed eventually consumes everything and the great circle starts again with nothing left of the previous. I mean we all see the relics of the past the Pyramids, the ruins of South America or else whe

When will you see

O mankind when will you see that the pain you inflict is on you and me The ones you make suffer from your wars and borders your own children you murder Why can't you hear their cries when they ache with hunger when a little child dies Why are your hearts made of stone to see and still not feel on the surface you condone The seeds of hatred you sow will come back for you with sirens of death in tow with no mercy in its eyes the past will haunt you when all turns to red in skies hearts will forget beating when stones become dust endless destruction repeating For there is still time to save that one child, that one mother from the hands that enslave From tyranny and from oppression from massacres from regrets humanity's fatal transgression

The Obituary of Sanity

Future generations will surely look at this time and wonder what was the reason behind the missed opportunity. Why did the humans of this time squander and plunder every natural resource they could find. Why didn't they realise that by poisoning the earth they were in fact poising themselves. Why with all the freedom to build, to nurture, we choose war & destruction. I certainly don't have all the answers and I sincerely believe that no one else has either, if we had, human kind would have long changed its ways. What a wasted opportunity though, all that intellect and potential serving only petty desires of wealth and conquest. Look around you, every act of suffering inflicted on another human being is by a human being. Every injustice, every atrocity, every act of insane violence, is self inflicted as if the human kind is hell bent on self annihilation. The divide has never been clearer. Every corner of the earth, walls are being erected. Walls of intolerance, of

Hymn of a Callous Heart

My New Blogpost: Uncomfortably Numb: Hymn of a Callous Heart #poem #Video #Visual Visit my blog: — Naeem Ahmad Sabir (@cybegeek) July 12, 2017 Tell me what do you see Look deep into your soul Do you feel pain like me As if you're just not whole With every breath that you take You're confronted with an ache Whispers howl in the sleepless night In your mind ghosts of the past fight Refuge you cannot find or solace Tis your heart thats become callous Close your eyes when you see cruelty Cover your ears and deny apathy Heartless cruel and superficial insatiable undignified & artificial Forgetting purpose you stray afar Desires guide you to the altar Love is the sacrifice you make How many hearts did you break In the end nothing lasts forever More pain for you to discover

Mediocrity The New Norm

The reality of living in this world, a conflict between the needs and wishes deeply anchored in the class divide. I see mediocrity so permanently imbued in the collective psyche.  Sometimes all one can do is to give in to the mundane, stop living & just exist. Finding someone to have an offbeat, real meaningful conversation, an impossibility. I sought refuge in the social media for some time, but that too has become stale, tedious. A habit without any emotional reward. The interaction, all but reduced to regurgitation of bent opinions and trumpeting of political agenda or some religious doctrine, manipulation. No one questions anymore, no one has time to think for himself and arrive on conclusions, perhaps wrong but his own. This place has no respite, no open space to just sit and ponder. One wonders is it by design? The whole system built on repression, on exploitation, the divide, easily seen. Yet the rituals of allegiance continue, conditioning the masses not to question. A


Life gives you lemons And the lemons are sour A world where you're measured not what's in the heart, but more You look better from a distance A burden they'd rather abhor Tis better never pinning hopes When apparent, they care no more You become insignificant, worthless The higher & higher they soar To them you're a relic Something they'd rather not explore You try, but your heart can't ignore You are, just not the destination anymore

Wars Within & Outside

I usually stay away from the news and thats by design cause every time there is a new atrocity, my mind starts reeling, I come face to face with the same dilemma again & again, if you speak up no one listens, yet can't stay quiet as well, too much bloodshed all around, the soul slowly becomes numb, while the killing & bloodshed in the name of every possible deity continues, on to the next atrocity & the next. Outrage expressed in the form of words on a computer screen, What does it achieve... Nothing. Murderers keep roaming free. No one can/will stop them, for everyone has vested interests. Those who need to hear those words, never will & those who read them, choose to ignore. Truth. It doesn't phase anyone anymore, We see images of unimaginable human suffering due to the cruelty of other humans, we are content with sharing those images with others on social media, a few comments here and there and on to the next post, all that human suffering reduced