Want to say the things that I used to but its not the same now for us two still the thought makes my heart race erase this trace the ache must embrace so here is the deal you must not feel cover you ears they still hear the voice you have to make the clear into the blur never let the world know that you miss her I write laments for its all that I know every kind of smile to them I show these closures are just on the surface aching heart underneath on the brew please go away take this pain with you leave me alone for I can't take it no more I plead to the thoughts that haunt me keep me locked in the dark for evermore Oh Dawn save me fill me with your light you say that we don't have that connection know that you are the one who saved me the one that deserves my affection

Riddler's Revenge

Bigger better faster stronger just wait a little longer to have what she lacks ignoring what she has on her Write what rhymes in these uneasy times they hide their crimes sweet talking warning signs Trust is there to be broken your beliefs are to be shaken vows of eternal faith taken a facade hiding the forsaken look into the distant past for the dreams that didn't last blames all around you cast look in the mirror for contrast


Waiting for whispers ignoring the echos holding on to sorrows projecting on tomorrows Healing heart takes time let go of what aches inside for this seedling to grow needs the blessed sunshine It is He who can heal takes the sorrows away fills it with content & joy like new born on that day Trust in Him and call watch the sorrows fall with open heart and faith accept his will and wait For the flowers to bloom they will, you will see and take you higher away from pain agony Just be patient my dear with faith and love when you believe in His love you will see the fogs clear These thought came to me while reading a conversation on twitter and the word "whisper" stuck in my mind.  Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.  Plato.

Broken Rules Come at a Price

Faded thoughts of days held dear jaded memories of those not near Changed have we for better or worse cant say the words perhaps a verse I will remember you I said once the only promise thats left of us Why cant time heal this scar was betting on that from afar Who is not wrong & who is right why cant the heart see the light Was it real just a mere fantasy that what heart wanted a fallacy Can one love that much to forget find places where walls can erect Broken rules come at a price Broken dreams Broken hearts Scars for life

Welcome to the new dark age

Pakistani millennials are even worse than the rest of the world and this is for a simple reason which is that hatred for others is as normal to them as breathing. The culprit here is the slow indoctrination of the youth from the very start of their lives. The legacy of Zia's infestation of intolerance bears its fruits. The disturbing trends on social media recently shattered the illusion of that illusive silent majority which it was supposed to be there, lurking in the shadows. The truth is that the very fabric of Pakistani society reeks of intolerance and bigotry and there is nothing that can be done to change that now. The instances of people celebrating murderers and openly calling for persecution or oppression disregarding any semblance of understanding basic human rights is not restricted to a few bigots or zealous clergy anymore, the poison has spread to the youth, with no inkling towards researching or even questioning what has been taught to them, they are now the perfect e

Make it at home, Save money

The thing is that I see a lot of really cool food joints starting up in our city  but... Since I know that it costs at least half or even less to make at home... So that's what I do. Let me break down some estimated prices for you... Beef cheese burger 10 Bun 150 Rs Minced beef 1 kg 500 Rs for 10 patties 10 Cheese slices 300 Rs 1/2 kg kheera 30 Rs Vinegar for making pickled kheera & piyaz you already have at home 2 piyaz 10 Rs 3-4 Tomatoes you already have at home. Mayo & mustard you already have at home. Salad leaves which grow in my home garden. 1000Rs for 10 🍔 So why on earth would you pay 500 Rs per burger... I can see the appeal of why everyone is suddenly a gourmet burger chef and setting up small businesses which I have nothing against but this overpricing is dishonesty and I cant stand it.  Yes I know good Beef burgers can cost up to 1000 Rs in Lahore like at "Ministry of Burgers" and others but you have to consider the presentation, the buns, which are s

Learn, Repent & Apologize

R eflections left of the past selections that forever last Don't wanna be stuck here time to move on that is clear New horizons await elsewhere shed all the weight you bare For life is a stream of memories some left behind some held dear Regret worse than any poison killing silently from the inside Burdens of the past you carry make shoulders ache at night Time to shed all thats done for a new cycle has begun Learn, repent & apologize a life lesson for the wise