The Residual Noise

I don't like to be alone with my thoughts, rather drown in the white noise. Regrets longing love and hatred in a single thread, what a tangled mess, some happiness. Despair agony betrayal misery that's the way things used to be, even though time has gone full speed, wish I could set myself free. What of those who were there for a moment and then lost, what of those who were there for you.

Reliving a memory that sweet haunting melody, a cry for help, help me almighty, my heart only you can see, empty. I don't even know what these tears are for, of a memory of agony? Nothing left but that, a memory... how can I let it go, It's not that I'm not greatful for what I have now, it's all I ever wanted, beautiful....

It's the past that haunts me, it's that untold story which kills me, it's like a shroud of darkness that covers everything that I ever held dear, everything that mattered to me, becomes untrustworthy, was it real or everything a deception? Was …

High on Toxic

There is a pulsar shining next door
emptiness to the core you adore

Sit close to me on the roof take a selfie
projected life what someone else sees

Hallow words, hearts, hollow dreams
do what it takes to drown the screams

Hear my self breathing high on toxic
letting empty thoughts corrode logic

See them choose the highest pedestal
for their ego self praise is so essential

Why does one forget the dust in the end
seems distant but is just a split second

Why does the heart grow cold like ice
lost virtues with the roll of times dice

Echoes of words that vanish in the air
trying to find a way out of despair

Not easy going back to the very start
takes longer mending a shattered heart

میری سحر

جب  کچھ نہ تھا تب ملی امید سحر
خدا نے دی جیسے خود ہی نوید سحر

خوشی ملی جو برسوں  روٹھ گئی تھی
سکوں جیسے ملتا ہے دعائے وقت سحر

ان گنت غموں سے ٹوٹا پڑا تھا میں
بنی مرھم جیسی  وہ اک  نسیم  سحر

دعا بس یہی ہے میری رب رحیم سے
پر مسرت رہے تمہاری ہر گھڑی ہر سحر

Pakistan's Disease

Outrage. Condemn. Forget.

The twisted priorities of my fellow inmates in the ideological prison of which once was Pakistan. Overrun by blood thirsty overlords that have greed in their viens. What we are left with is blood, blood of children, innocent blood, someone's pride and joy, someone's answers to prayers for God knows how long, someone's only hope for a future, sleeps now, taken away by men, worthless, vile, hideous.

Why dont we stop these men, the answer is so simple & in plain sight. Fear. Pakistanis have accepted their fate, they have accepted that these men, just few of them, have their dominion over us, to play with our blood, we have accepted that none of us is capable of standing up to them, just a few, who attack from the shadows, hiding behind hands of patronage from within us, it is the disease that has tainted our blood from within. We let it in, we nurtured it, and now it kills us one by one.

Thus the outrage, a temporary outburst induced by the natu…

Status update

write these words to the tune
lets take a ride to the moon

forget those impy scorny faces
lets look for grandeur in traces

she says log off return to me
plenty of places where we can be

thirsty crow is the story in the books
world keeps us hanging with hooks

hand me that picture they stole
suspended reality in a broken soul

happiness a moments endeavour
the bitter truth sorrows are forever

this song Im singing has no end
hymn of the broken ascend

blurred screams in the background
muted compassion makes no sound

numbness of the heart beckons
happy to wear these shackles

stagnated I can no longer relate
emotions compressed status update

take my hand for I need you now
take a walk with me in the snow

you're the respite I always wanted
certainly a wish that got granted

Look at what you've done

look at where you've been
all the love & pain seen
lessons of life come undone
look at what you've done

still you've learnt nothing
still you don't listen
desires have you in prison
in chains that glisten

you're hollow at the inside
pretend smiles at the outside
you preach perfect devotion
secret dirt brushed aside

someone has to place
a mirror to your face
how hideous you've become
greed lust pride disgrace

your worship is theatrical
your love is superficial
heart made of black stone
your life is just artificial

The Dilemma of Certitude

Trying to understand the world around us, what makes people do the things they do, their motivations, their beliefs, is it simply that black and white, what about the greys? Why do we find that most of the times those supposed bastions of faith are the ones the most corrupt. Dont these people understand the precept of their own belief system. What makes them not practice what they preach? The answer to this question unlocks the deepest mysteries of belief and sin. Unfortunately the dogma that one adheres to does not supersede the universal vice of greed & ego, until there is equality, all the promise of salvation is deluded, a smokescreen to enslave and exploit, regardless of what dogma you adhere to, if in practice there is injustice and there is a clear divide, it is a failure. Here is the stumbling block, when one tries to make sense of what one observes, with logic alone and can be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the purpose of every theological dogma is to enslave & e…