Learn, Repent & Apologize

Reflections left of the pastselections that forever last
Don't wanna be stuck here
time to move on that is clear
New horizons await elsewhere
shed all the weight you bare
For life is a stream of memories
some left behind some held dear
Regret worse than any poison killing silently from the inside
Burdens of the past you carrymake shoulders ache at night
Time to shed all thats done for a new cycle has begun
Learn, repent & apologize a life lesson for the wise


What is life but a fleeting moment of wants and despair,
of sacrifice, a revelation of desires, a useless exercise of
banality imbued in artificial theocracy.

What does the soul need, at least a semblance of permanency,
which there is none. This is but an existence of perpetual
yearning of one thing to another.

To remove the shackles of mediocrity one must first accept
the truth of one's own self worth. For its one's own self that
is the perpetrator of bondage.

No one else can take your freedom away until you let them,
a mind can be free even in chains.

The soul can soar, see light in the darkest pits, can survive
moments of deepest despair.

All that matters, is choice.

My Burden

You don't have to look twice
To see that I am undone
But for that to happen
There must be a reason

For you have forsaken
All the reasons to remember
The one you abandon
That is my burden

I found out from strangers
What you forgot to mention
That love, is surely lost
When you beseech affection

That is my burden

I stand at the precipice
of memories long lost
Slowly in the mist of time
to you, I become no one

That is my burden

But I cannot let go
Like you have done
For I am made of love
Not easy to fathom

That is my burden

Let the Imagination Begin...

I really need to write down all the wacky stories I tell my children before sleep time, for example one is a series of episodic stories called the A-team in which the characters are a Mano, a Doggie, a Genie, a Space warrior/alien, the Monkey and the Owl who is the smartest living thing in the universe and Ali baba...

All of them have powers or abilities ... The Mano can't be mind controlled, a telepath. The Doggie is the scientist... Genie is actually the last of his kind of an extremely advanced race that actually not got extinct but ascended to a higher plane of existence. Space worrier is an exiled prince who eventually got his kingdom back on his planet with the help of his friends and so on...

In a recent story the plot was that the all of the world's s chocolate cakes started to mysteriously vanish and the culprit was the monster created by jealous fruits and Vegetables who were discarded... Their anger created this monster... After a long battle the solution... they m…


Not as high of breed But have the seed No its not greed I see the lies you feed One must take heed They suck, you bleed Revel in dissent agreed Until you get freed

The greatest tragedy of the information age

You just sit there numb, aware of injustice, of persecution, of tyranny around the world but you can't actually do anything about it, yes you show your condemnation and Change your DPs but whats next? Social media has made us insensitive we struggle with this every moment.

Look at any social media timeline you see selective outrage selective apathy, and then it's gone trivializing real issues. Our minds cope with all of it by forgetting sooner than it should, even the attack in Peshawar could not remain in minds for long, and here we are again feeding and regurgitating but forgetting, the moment its out of sight.

This is the greatest tragedy of this age. We are all the culprits and the victims of this at the same time. We struggle with this everyday to feel powerless to stop any injustice near or far.

They talk about the rise and ascendancy of collective consciousness of the society but all I see is decay of morality and apathy. All I see is hatred spreading via the very thin…

Fade out

I have a love/hate relationship with all things old, specially Indian songs, at one hand I love even the things I used to hate and succumb to nostalgia and turn that shit on and as soon as I turn it on I remember why I used to hate that shit at the first place...

I guess it boils down to longing for carefree days and those old songs/movies bring back a faded memory something you could just grasp but it vanishes just before you can touch..  like the memory of the taste of your mother's Alo Ghosht and roti.. its there but just out of reach
I hate going through this chain of thought cause ultimately me it makes me think of all the loved ones Ive lost along the way and also those relationships which went sour due to distance or time... being discarded by the ones that one cared for with ones life due to reasons...
we all have our reasons. but it pains me to think about those who I loved dearly in my life and know in hindsight that I didn't have the same place in their lives as th…