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When will you see

O mankind when will you see that the pain you inflict is on you and me The ones you make suffer from your wars and borders your own children you murder Why can't you hear their cries when they ache with hunger when a little child dies Why are your hearts made of stone to see and still not feel on the surface you condone The seeds of hatred you sow will come back for you with sirens of death in tow with no mercy in its eyes the past will haunt you when all turns to red in skies hearts will forget beating when stones become dust endless destruction repeating For there is still time to save that one child, that one mother from the hands that enslave From tyranny and from oppression from massacres from regrets humanity's fatal transgression

From the Sidelines

Happy to sit on the sidelines watching the world go by, for I cannot be anyone else other than my self. This race in which everyone is running... Does not interest me... For I never did like to follow... It seems it's a pill that I must swallow for I must give the appearance of compliance Cause that's what slaves do.