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I know what this pain is  why it hurts when I close my eyes I know why the heart aches  I know why it burns when I try to remember  For these are the tears that never came out  For I kept waiting for someone to cry with Searching for a shoulder to cry on For I loved her like a mother  didn't even let me see her face How loathsome you are  For humanity a disgrace  Pity thy soul for it knows love not  Pity thy life for it is all a loss May she rest in peace  For she sacrificed everything for you May she be with loved ones Far better than all of you A few days ago one of my very close non Ahmadi relatives passed away when we went there we were treated like untouchables, It's surreal to be treated as outcasts or achoot in a house u grew up in, by those who don't even belong there... What's more hurtful is the silence and subtle distancing of those very close to you to appease others ...  I have never felt hatred from others like that but only from these people before as wel