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Riddler's Revenge

Bigger better faster stronger just wait a little longer to have what she lacks ignoring what she has on her Write what rhymes in these uneasy times they hide their crimes sweet talking warning signs Trust is there to be broken your beliefs are to be shaken vows of eternal faith taken a facade hiding the forsaken look into the distant past for the dreams that didn't last blames all around you cast look in the mirror for contrast


Waiting for whispers ignoring the echos holding on to sorrows projecting on tomorrows Healing heart takes time let go of what aches inside for this seedling to grow needs the blessed sunshine It is He who can heal takes the sorrows away fills it with content & joy like new born on that day Trust in Him and call watch the sorrows fall with open heart and faith accept his will and wait For the flowers to bloom they will, you will see and take you higher away from pain agony Just be patient my dear with faith and love when you believe in His love you will see the fogs clear These thought came to me while reading a conversation on twitter and the word "whisper" stuck in my mind.  Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.  Plato.