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She was like an ocean breeze
she touched his face
she held his hands
under the pillows
to hide the love she had

she was like a blossom
she let him go smiling
how she hurt inside
how she cried he never knew
she hid it just like before

he moved on and so did she
he never apologized
she never said a word
maybe she knew
how sorry he was

what they had
pure & beautiful
maybe eternal
perhaps needs closure
to finally say goodbye

Naive Little girl thinks the world of him... Alas!

I sometimes marvel at the human ability to forget. I see relationships everywhere and almost all the time the ones who are in them say things like ... oh its perfect or I would never do anything to jeopardize this ... but they do ... people fall apart and here is why...

The Belief that Love is almost supernatural thus incorruptible

Love is just an emotion and what is emotion ? its a human behavior response to specific stimuli. When I talk to young people who are searching for mates the most common thing I notice is the absolute disregard for reality. Perhaps it's due to age and the lessons one learns through time or hormones.The thing that one must learn is that nothing is absolute in life and almost always things and people are not what they seem on the surface. The human kind is a fascinating species able to lie and cheat and break the trust of the ones who love you the most.

We go thorough relation after relation repeating the mistakes and forgetting what happened the last time…