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This was How I choose to remember you. Goodbye.


You ask so many questions You know the answers Why can't u see Seeing you in pain  this too is hurting me You said you would understand  You made no demand As I take my hand Look closer It's bleeding too Life's bitter truth  Nothing lasts forever  Let go which holds you back Hold on to what you cherish For memories are what remain As long as the soul lives As long as the breath lasts

A prayer for you

In life's journey  We shared many a meal We laughed we talked prayed the wound would heal We shared the pain we had Moments of happiness we could steal As my destination grows near I must say goodbye I fear Never to see u again  But never say I don't feel you pain  All the happiness may find you All the blessings may bind you May you feel His presence  May Allah be your essence  May he take all your fears away May you have peace let the pain decay  In my prayers you'll always be Your tears none may see In my heart there will always be A prayer, a glimmering memory

Picking up the pieces of a shattered soul

Once I believed in absolutes. Absolute justice, absolute values, absolute devotion and absolute loyalty. Looking back I cant help but laugh at my naivety. I realise now that the flawed nature of human condition, which has proven to be the case again and again, makes it impossible to expect conduct which is devoid of a hidden agenda. It's hard not being judgmental when the people around your existence, the ones you trust the most, are the ones who break it. The inner circle of your friends and family and your loved ones are the people you trust without a doubt and because of this the hurt caused by the betrayal is amplified.  Once a person is marred by some sort of betrayal or deception he becomes vary of trusting new people and perhaps rightly so.  I am talking here about the time when emotional trauma of any kind has already happened and one is faced with the task of getting hold of the shattered pieces of ones self.  The question that why didn't the one confront t