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How to Keep all of your Passwords Separate

Keeping and remembering long passwords is a pain but there is a simple method which can make good strong passwords. As a rule always keep your Hotmail Facebook Yahoo Gmail Twitter passwords different and never use same password for all. Here is how it works make a base password first for Example: Xenoped174 Notice it has one Capital Letter and the word it self is not a common English word and there is a number in the end. This it self is a strong password but now how to make it different for all the services you use. Lets say we want to make this for yahoo then what you can do is that you put the word yahoo in the start, middle or at the end Xenoped174yahoo or yahooXenoped174 or Xenopedyahoo174 It is your secret that where you place the service part lets see what happens with Hotmail same password but for hotmail Xenoped174hotmail this way you can make countless unique strong passwords which are very easy to remember and hard to hack. Most people use a single passwo


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