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Life gives you lemons And the lemons are sour A world where you're measured not what's in the heart, but more You look better from a distance A burden they'd rather abhor Tis better never pinning hopes When apparent, they care no more You become insignificant, worthless The higher & higher they soar To them you're a relic Something they'd rather not explore You try, but your heart can't ignore You are, just not the destination anymore

Among the clouds

Soaring high in the sky As the visions in time fly by That last goodbye Can't forget even if I try A test to the core I pleaded I couldn't take no more Gave me the ever listener a new dawn Such happiness and bliss in-store  As I see the clouds pass me by Can't help but be grateful My heart sings thy praise o Lord Such kindness for me the sinful?  All I wish is your grace A place within your embrace For I know there is no other bliss A world to vanish without a trace