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Make it at home, Save money

The thing is that I see a lot of really cool food joints starting up in our city  but... Since I know that it costs at least half or even less to make at home... So that's what I do. Let me break down some estimated prices for you... Beef cheese burger 10 Bun 150 Rs Minced beef 1 kg 500 Rs for 10 patties 10 Cheese slices 300 Rs 1/2 kg kheera 30 Rs Vinegar for making pickled kheera & piyaz you already have at home 2 piyaz 10 Rs 3-4 Tomatoes you already have at home. Mayo & mustard you already have at home. Salad leaves which grow in my home garden. 1000Rs for 10 🍔 So why on earth would you pay 500 Rs per burger... I can see the appeal of why everyone is suddenly a gourmet burger chef and setting up small businesses which I have nothing against but this overpricing is dishonesty and I cant stand it.  Yes I know good Beef burgers can cost up to 1000 Rs in Lahore like at "Ministry of Burgers" and others but you have to consider the presentation, the buns, which are s

Learn, Repent & Apologize

R eflections left of the past selections that forever last Don't wanna be stuck here time to move on that is clear New horizons await elsewhere shed all the weight you bare For life is a stream of memories some left behind some held dear Regret worse than any poison killing silently from the inside Burdens of the past you carry make shoulders ache at night Time to shed all thats done for a new cycle has begun Learn, repent & apologize a life lesson for the wise