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We revolve around this world .. the tangible world … the one we can see and hear the one we can touch and yet we are supposed to believe in a world beyond and given all kinds of assurances that it exists. Some will kill for that world some will stop at nothing … we forget the purpose, we forget who we are… we fail to question and we fail to answer. we don't see the journey and don't realize that the journey is the goal. I said I was done with analyzing but can't help it… I just can't understand the cold heartedness of the human soul. I feel despair creeping up my soul, its like Ive become numb again.  I feel lifeless…  even words illude me to explain how I feel...

You've done it again

Some people just can't help it. It in their nature to be mother frakers. After a days work whats better than a dose of plain and simple zalalat but this time you've really crossed the line. Yeah I say it every time cause the pain you can cause is directly proportional to how fraking stupid and illogical you can be.