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Wish I could just vanish Silently without a whisper Into nothingness Without pain Without memories How I long for you Loving someone You can never hold Never look in the eyes Sweet perfume on you clothes Is fading..... so is my will You said no one dies with someone You were right... This is worse Wish I could just fade I can't bare your not being there

The New Idol Worship

How materialistic ambition dictates the human condition is mind boggling. How everyday we are presented sugar coated lies and we relish the ignorance and forbid knowledge & understanding surrendering the will to question. How they cheer... A fabric of pretty lies to blind them and their masters drip their very souls till the very last of humanity bleeds. How they suffer and no one sees cause all they want to see is the facade of blissful ignorance which they love cause there is safety in burying their heads in the sand. How I mourn the plight of my brothers who have no voice and are condemned to a destiny of oblivious slavery to the worship of new idols. They cannot comprehend the trap which invites them with glitter. All they see is their idols... Whom they worship without question. Wish they could see beyond the lies... Beyond the facade what hideous faces await to devour their very existence into oblivion... Still they March on.... Consumed by their mindless idol wors

Those eyes filled with wonder

Those eyes filled with wonder Without a word said so much journey was just beginning you had the kind the gentle touch You were Personified innocence Everything about you was such Sat beside me when I would pray understood without saying much you made me proud only if I could say If words convey I love you how much Happy birthday my son. I know these words don't do you justice. I can never find words that could explain what you meant to me and how empty I feel without you and how you make me proud. May you rest in eternal peace. Rohan Ahmad Numair 2003 - 2013