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A Broken Heart

This is from someone very dear to me... I sit in the park where i dwell for this boy I love so well He took my Heart away from me and now he wants to set me free I see a girl on his lap , he said things to her he never said to me I run home to Cry on my bed, not a word to mother was said father came home late that night, he looked at me from left to right he saw me hanging from a rope and on my dress he found a note Dig my grave, dig it deep, dig my grave from head to feet and on the top a little dove, remember this I died for Love.

Shahadat Report

The hardest thing that I ever have to do while editing for MTA is the Shahadat reports and Documentaries. The viewers get to see only a toned down and tv friendly view of things. I on the other hand get access to actual footage and images and which makes my heart ache with pain. All one can do is pray and hope that the documentary or the report your making makes a difference.