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I like to use less words. Makes me feel in control and makes you think. Thats what I need ppl to do ... think. Thats what I do.   I need my younger generation to think where are we going. I need them to see how wishes are becoming needs.   I need them to find the truth with me.   Lets Hope.  

The Afterlife

I guess... there was no death and this is the afterlife cause I am still breathing. That's life isn't it ? We say that a person is alive when he breaths...   But still how we live a life does matter... Does it ?   Lemme tell you a story. Its about a person who was alive. Why because that person was meant to be that way. That person always wanted to know why ? Sometimes he thought he knew the answer and sometimes he didn't.   He often wondered what is real truth.. isn't that something that a person can only know after death... then why wait. Why not end it all thus knowing all... but he was afraid ... afraid of the rules that he was sure were real.   So he decided to take another path... the path that he was always told would lead him to his goal.   so he is walking... on a road on which the end is promised to be his ultimate wish to be one with the truth...   will he ever reach there when on every turn there are signs to mislead him ...   he zi

Emancipation of ME

I just want to know when will the cycle end ... is there any hope left ...I am stuck and cant get out it seems like there is no end to what i am going through. It was not like this in the begining ...   The begining was beautiful it was the dew on the soft morning flowers. It was like no other feeling that ever was. I wonder how things are lost so easily. How anything can change and one cant do a thing to stop it.   I know that time heals wounds ... but I dont want the wounds healed ...   I am not sure what I want anymore... nothing is that important anymore... its just a mare existance ... since I exist so I must go on... So I am told again and again ... where ever I go. Why ?   I wonder... how would it be if it were not a sin to .... end it all.   I wish there was someone ...   Sometimes I wonder what would I change in my life so that it would become meaningful and find no answer... it seems nothing is of any meaning to me anymore ...   DEATH