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Ode to Parents

When you were a child Every sight wondrous Every sound marvellous Every new day joyous On along the way you lost Sweet happiness naive Innocence That Something irreplaceable The inner light so incredible A love too unconditional Eyes closed in mother's lap fragile visage indestructible Nothing felt impossible Embrace of a father lifting a child feeling low Reassuring and sublime There for him all the time Still can hear those prayers That were meant for you As you lay down at night Mother's arm pillow just right Instilled with love & affection Values & virtues live on The sum of all nurture when love becomes nature

My Mother - Amtul Hafeez Begum

September 11 2000 is the day my mother passed away after fighting cancer for 4 years. I have never known anyone more gentle & kind than her.  I have seen her in pain, but never once did I see her complain. Her patience was remarkable.  Now that I'm older and understand certain things, I see that there aren’t many people like her in this world. My brother Tanweer Sabir from UK recalls his memories, Ami, as he used to call her with effection, writes, "I have known her for her gentleness and kindness for her family and also for others. A very very brave women she was indeed. The way she fought cancer till the depart, with strong will and faith in Alllah. She knew all along what was going to happen, always encouraged her children to pray for her. I remember her, always smiling and prayers on her lips for us. I deeply miss those prayers, kindness and affection."  She helped so many without hurting their dignity, would send them money via me or herself and alway