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A sleepless night

night lays awake beside me where once you used to be tearing me inside no one sees how I die slowly eternally can't decide which hurts most betrayal or plain insensitivity shattered dream are made of glass cuts deep which never really heal you loved me once or was it a lie? I am burning before your eyes but you don't see me anymore with every beat the heart aches even more tossing and turning sleep eludes me no it can't be, the one I loved is the one who stabbed me  here I lay bleeding, no one sees how I die bit by bit gradually

Pakistan, think!

Precious lives are lost everyday, murder mayhem and lawlessness. Whose to blame here? A friend says that its God's way of cleaning up. Someone says its insensitive to say that but I say we made this world, we made this country the way it is. No regard for laws, morality and human life. Why cry then, why lament on the loss. Yes we will talk about it ... for a day or two but then we got more pressing issues ... Whats a life's worth in Pakistan? What did we do about any attacks on Pakistani people, what about near Hundred slaughtered in Garhi Shaho in the name of faith and religion, Ahmadi they na! Who cares as long as your safe in your living rooms but God cares and he watches us and punishes our wrong doings, He gives us time to realize our mistakes and repent and if we don't then we invite his punishment. Some among us are beginning to realize that whatever is happening in Pakistan is out of control chaos and some are saying that its God's wrath. Some justify th

Under shadows of guns - Eid in Rabwah

This Eid when I woke up to get ready I was in a somber mood. I knew I wasn't going to the Aqsa mosque (the central mosque) where there would be thousands of people and the sweet smell of perfume would make the cool morning air even fresher. No. Those days are gone now. When we used to go to our mosques (places of worship) without the shadows of guns. I was going to the mosque just a few houses away from my house due to terrorist threats to the main mosque and why have I been denied this joy? only because of my religion... only because I choose to believe what I feel is right and which is a matter between me and my God... Only because I choose to call this country my home even if I am called a minority, even if my forefathers gave their blood to make this country a reality. The last Eid we had in the Aqsa Mosque was a few years ago. Seems like a distant memory now. I remember hurrying up to get good parking for my car, getting the children ready and then waiting for ages f

Why posting fake Steve Jobs illness pics was plain wrong

Some days ago while on G+ I came across the fake Steve Jobs illness pictures and I was appalled. My mother had done a long battle with cancer and I was with her the whole time. I know what toll it takes emotionally and physically and to display that to the whole world was unethical and just plain wrong. We live in a world where nothing is sacred anymore, nothing. We're all sadists. We get pleasure from others pain. How pitiful the human race has become. We do anything to make money. we sell anything. here is a link to show that it was fake... I posted the link here... but then thought its just not right to endorse that even further you can google it for your self.