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What the frak do they know!

I sit there letting the distance grow Thinking what the frak do you know You believe in their stupid lies You judge me on the scale u know You see what's only in front of you Girl you shall reap what you sow No point in talking or letting go Nothing to hold nothing to show Love is just another four letter word Losing its meaning in the times flow This is another of those I told you so but I don't give a frak u should know

Pakistan's First TV Generation

Most of my childhood memories come down to television. I guess growing up in the 80s, we were the first tv generation of Pakistan. My earliest recollections are of Man From Atlantis, then there is Powers of Matthew Star and Voyagers. Then there are a few shows that I just barely remember like Trapper John, M.D. or there was a show with some aliens and they had strange things that the put to a person's neck to subdue him. We had only one tv channel at that time and that was PTV and it was awesome. We watched all the great tv shows of that time Murder she wrote,    Airwolf,  Knight Rider,  The fall guy,  Macgyver,  Law and order,    Star Trek,    War of the worlds,  Chocky, The Tripods,    Sapphire and steel,  Mind your language,  Yes minister,    Chips  then there were loads of children's programs Sesame street,  Thundersub,  Voltran,  Danger mouse. The Twilight Zone used to give me nightmares. Great Family Comedy shows like  Perfect Strangers