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A look at the extremist mindset of Pakistan (The Maya Khan incident)

So I was surfing the net & this link pops up on twitter. As a rule I have decided not to watch Pakistani television for mental health hazard reasons but heck this was from the net and must be something funny but it turned out to be shocking. A mob of Vigil-Aunties lead by Maya Khan attacking kids allegedly on dates in the parks... well to tell the truth it was kinda funny for about 3 seconds and then it turned to horror and outrage. Who is she to be the moral police was my first reaction. Its sad really to see the lows people can go to just for cheap fame. The reaction from the internet was overwhelmingly negative as well. I think all the rage and the disgust stems from the fact that this one incident illustrates how close to the brink we really are. The fact that Pakistani society has extremism now embedded in its very core. You dont need to be mullah or bearded religious fanatic to be an extremist, years of programming of the pro-radical islamic doctrine to the

All Pakistanis are Astronauts

When I was in the 8th grade there was an essay in our english book about  Valentina Tereshkova the first woman in space and it detailed all of her hard and rigorous training which ranged from extreme pressure, noise to severe vibrations. Zero gravity training and also extreme heat and cold conditions. Thats when it hit me while I was crammed in a rickshaw with 15 other kids on my way back from school that all Pakistanis can be Astronauts. Yes we fit the criteria of training perfectly. Crammed in that rickshaw I was subjected to all kinds of extreme pressures, thats was one condition meet and then there were extreme vibrations due to the broken road mimicking the NASA training to the letter and since it was in July so serve hot conditions was also valid and when the Rickshaw would suddenly encounter an unexpected speed breaker we would all receive Zero Gravity simulation, take that Vomit Comet.   For selecting astronauts NASA prefers Air force pilots but if Pakistan had

The grumpy guy's list of 10 Things to know before getting married...

Well I see your sad my son... come over here tell daddy all about it ... ..... u see kid your doin it wrong... there are a few things that you need to know before you jump into the hell hole... (opssss marriage) 1. Its all about the money. Plain and simple ... you got the doe will have the flow if you know what I mean. 2. There is no such thing as love ... its all bullshit... 3. If you ever think that you can understand a woman ... your a moron .... 4. If you ever think a your woman can understand you... your even a bigger moron than I thought 5. The easiest way to win an argument is to admit your wrong... cause thats whats your gonna do in the end anyway... 6. Have 2 tv sets in the house... cause if its 1, its hers 7. All the crapiest movies and soaps on tv are "Good" 8. Accept it ... whatever you do ... your still a moron to her 9. Whatever she does is "hard work" and whatever you do is "resting" 10. If you want companionship and

The Impact of reality TV like Big Boss on Pakistani Society

It seems that everyone I know watches  Big Boss  another import from India, proving that our Pakistani media simply is not capable of producing quality programming and have no problem putting something on Pakistani screens which is at odds with our so called religious boundaries, hence the double standards of the media and the people of Pakistan, who are ok with scantily clad women dancing on the screen but will  rise in fury to kill anyone who wants to believe in whatever  he sees as the truth, its seems that you can do whatever you want as long as its hidden & you take the oath that declares your elegance to the state approved  Ummah  Coming back to  Big Boss,  after watching it for a while for a day I started wondering why would a person watch something like this? whats the appeal? and I have come to a conclusion, that people have lost all confidence in mankind's inner goodness. For me whats disturbing & disgusting really, is that people enjoy all the scheming


Worthless words. Words have no meaning. My question as always, why? Even tired of asking, maybe I should just give up. My lament is my own To find a way home The journey I take alone Battered betrayed all hope gone This empty life worthless Even death alludes merciless Yearning to be held Longing tenderness you close you eyes as I burn might as well stake the heart Ashes of whats left drift away Taking us even further apart I can see it when you deceive The more I see the more I believe in a dark world and its cruelty with lies deceit and no loyalty letting you have your way to wound me over and over again though you dont love me anymore at least a reason for you to stay