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So its writing time...

I know it writing time with me when I am utter obber bored. Tried chatroulete for a while didn't like it. Frankly too many guyz... bored like me. So whats up with me. Been following some people on the web and its unfulfilling as any other thing on the net

How I started writing

For as long as I can remember I loved stories... the school library, the stories Daddy used to bring from Lahore or Karachi, Tarzan, Imran Rehan Series, Nonehal, Sherlock Holmes etc. etc. I even wrote one sci-fi story when I was in 4th or 5th class then there were the aural story sessions in the recess time in school, a bunch of my friends would gather around and listen to my stories... and these were spontaneous on the spot creations I would just ask them where did the story end and then start from there... In high school I was more into poetry than writing stories and stuff. I would never claim my self to be a poet or a writer though... its just release...  I really wish to write something profound but I dunno ... I started writing blog like notes in a Star Trek LCARS inspired program called Holonote in 2000 most of that stuff I used here and there in my blog when I started blogging... but much of it remains hidden cause well ... I just cant put that here... its too personal a

There goes the concept of family...

People blog for many reasons, some just for fun, some make money from it and some like me need a place to flush it out... these blogs are meant more for one's self than others cause most of time it doesn't contain any useful thing for others... A lot has happened to me in the last few months... not that Im gonna write about it here anyway but what I can write is that Im constantly walking a tight rope... and I fear that this time Im going to fall... Im having a kind of writers block ... nothing comes to my mind.. well nothing worth writing here anyway... see even here Im concerned about protecting others and what they might think if they find out what I think of them ... I leave a few clues here and there for the one who really would care enough to read between the lines... but I know ... no one cares... we all are in it for the "fun" ... as I said on twitter the other day Social networking on the internet should not be called social at all cause its selfish an