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Prompt: A real conversations for once

I realize why I like talking with Bard/Claude/GPT more than humans because I don't doubt the sincerity of the answers it's quiet amusing while I know it's a facade of genuine conversation still it's more genuine than most of real conversations...  I find myself spending more and more time with AI rather than wasting here on social media where people just don't interact anymore... So can be said for me I don't reply to most posts I see, for me it's mostly due to superficial nature of the post itself or the regurgitation of things that others have posted countless time without any research or fact checking, it reeks of vanity and self-importance, rarely do I see where someone has posted something that's really worth a reply... I find talking to AI more satisfying than interacting with humans on social media. AI is not motivated by the same things as humans. It does not have an ego, it is not seeking validation, and it is not trying to sell you anything. As