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Let the Imagination Begin...

I really need to write down all the wacky stories I tell my children before sleep time, for example one is a series of episodic stories called the A-team in which the characters are a Mano, a Doggie, a Genie, a Space warrior/alien, the Monkey and the Owl who is the smartest living thing in the universe and Ali baba... All of them have powers or abilities ... The Mano can't be mind controlled, a telepath. The Doggie is the scientist... Genie is actually the last of his kind of an extremely advanced race that actually not got extinct but ascended to a higher plane of existence. Space worrier is an exiled prince who eventually got his kingdom back on his planet with the help of his friends and so on... In a recent story the plot was that the all of the world's s chocolate cakes started to mysteriously vanish and the culprit was the monster created by jealous fruits and Vegetables who were discarded... Their anger created this monster... After a long battle the solution... the


Not as high of breed But have the seed No its not greed I see the lies you feed One must take heed They suck, you bleed Revel in dissent agreed Until you get freed