Naive Little girl thinks the world of him... Alas!

I sometimes marvel at the human ability to forget. I see relationships everywhere and almost all the time the ones who are in them say things like ... oh its perfect or I would never do anything to jeopardize this ... but they do ... people fall apart and here is why...

The Belief that Love is almost supernatural thus incorruptible

Love is just an emotion and what is emotion ? its a human behavior response to specific stimuli. When I talk to young people who are searching for mates the most common thing I notice is the absolute disregard for reality. Perhaps it's due to age and the lessons one learns through time or hormones.The thing that one must learn is that nothing is absolute in life and almost always things and people are not what they seem on the surface. The human kind is a fascinating species able to lie and cheat and break the trust of the ones who love you the most.

We go thorough relation after relation repeating the mistakes and forgetting what happened the last time never learning and always trusting blindly ...

Trust is never given upfront ... It is earned ... The ones who trust blindly are most often the ones who suffer.

We talk of severed relations, marriages that go bad and we all have our opinions and remedies like the importance of communication & talking but this is not as simple as we think sometimes the mess we make is not easy to cleanup just by talking... What about when the other just doesn't want to listen? What about when there is no love left to salvage?

Its easy to comment on others, naively thinking that you know better but as they say you can only know something if it happens to you.

What options are left to the ones who go through this, to the ones who suffer in silence for one reason or another? to find a friend who is able not to judge and confide in him, the reason for this is not to seek a solution but to find someone who can hold your hand and ease your suffering.

There is no such thing as absolute love, No cloud no 9 no valentine and the notion of a soul mate is a fallacy. It's just words we have made up to keep our selves fooled by our own desires and what we see in the eyes of the one we love is not the real ocean but the sea of our own aspirations and when we finally see the truth we are plunged into the abyss of no return.


WordWeaver said…
Sometimes we want to be delusioned despite knowing that this is a fallacy.

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